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You step into an enormous room which smells just a little musty, but not unpleasantly so, filled with shelves upon shelves of books, journals, and the occasional periodical. The Hall of Archives looks largely unchanged, though many of the books you can see look new, as though they've been recently rebound and set in much better covers. A small area by the door holds a large table, with several chairs arranged around it, and a few books still piled on it from previous occupants. The stone floor of old has been replaced with a softer, lighter colored wood, and Jedar grins at your expression.

"I know, I know. A lot of work just to change the aesthetics of the place, but whoever originally put a stone floor in here was an idiot, according to the Loremaster. Something about the stone conducting moisture and temperature fluctuations too easily."

"Indeed." A woman's voice comes from the other end of the room, almost regal in its composure. "Books are rather sensitive to their environment, and we were losing a great many to mildew and age before renovations." A silver-feathered woman in blue heads towards you, her eyes flicking quickly over Jedar and settling on you. There is a moment of consternation, quickly replaced by genuine warmth, and she smiles at you. "Now this is a face I've not seen in some time. I'm pleased to see you survived the last few years."

"I'm just getting the grand tour at the moment," you say, returning the smile and nodding respectfully. "I might be back later though, to research a few things."

"Of course," Iliana says. "You may notice when you return that we've expanded a bit. Some of the members were clamoring for an actual reading library, rather than just one full of research materials and building floorplans." Her tone turns dry. "It seems getting a library card is a bit too complicated these days for our new recruits. Nonetheless, I put my apprentice in charge of it, and Milantha has managed to build a decent variety over the last few years. I can't vouch for the quality of everything you might read there, but it's there if you should happen to feel nostalgic for some older tales." She gestures towards the end of the room, then towards your left. "We still have our more sensitive records area as well of course. With your rank, you're welcome to access anything you wish here."

You nod, and the Loremaster continues. "Since you're already familiar with the laws of the Brotherhood and the rules of the archives, I won't remind you of them. You are welcome within these halls, and my apprentice and I will be happy to assist you, should you require something. Please return whenever you feel like losing yourself in a book."


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