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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What's with the storytelling on all the pages?

A: The old Furtales BOTB website that ran from 1998 to 2007 had little stories for each area, and it was fun, so we revamped it for the new site. If you want to really enjoy the "tour" Jedar gives you as you return to your old stomping grounds, we encourage you to read the top menu items first: Home, The Mainframe, The Archives, The Infirmary, The Lounge, and The Office, in that order. The sub-pages often have little stories and cameos of Brotherhood members too, so we encourage you to explore and poke around!

Q: Is the old Furtales BOTB back?

A: No. We do have the old profiles, old fan fictions, and some old artwork if you're curious to see relics of a bygone age, but this site wasn't created for the purpose of mirroring or continuing the old site. The MDTAS fandom is a small but mighty one, and many of us grew up with the Furtales BOTB, so we left the old things here to poke around in if you feel like a nostalgia trip. The old profiles can be found in the Infirmary's Corrupted Files area, the old stories can be found in the Library of the Archives hall, and old art is located in the pictures section of the Mainframe, under Inactive Members.


Q: Do the old files and profiles have any bearing on the new stuff?

A: Nope! You can either take a trip down memory lane and read the old fanfics and profiles, or check out the new ones. You don't need to read any of the old stuff whatsoever to enjoy the new rebooted Brotherhood. For those new to the Brotherhood, keep in mind that a lot of old content is very graphic, explicit, or disturbing by nature - all new content is strictly PG13 or better, but the older stuff doesn't follow these rules that closely.

Everything with outright nudity or graphic sexual acts being depicted has been removed entirely; this was a family show, and we'd rather not have kids accidentally stumbling across the old, pre-reboot stuff that was adult-themed.


Q: Why reboot the characters?

A: Many of these fan characters are nearly 20 years old, and their old backstories and identities are the typical stuff of teenage fanfiction - violence, drama, depression, suicide, and rape play parts in nearly every character's backstory. While that's not that unusual for teenage fanfic writers, the BOTB these days is run by adults, and the vast majority of the old members are no longer active in the fandom. Rebooting the universe and characters gives the fandom a chance to enjoy new Mighty Ducks stories and art without working over old, tired ground to do it. (And besides which, we have some pretty cool ideas for new material.) It also lets us ditch backstories for characters that in many cases were more than a little politically incorrect or offensive to women or minorities.

Q: So what's different from the old site?

A: Lots! We have new artwork, new universe building stuff (which might help you with your own fanfics), new profiles, and a lot of remodeling (did we mention the new wood flooring in the Archives hall?).

Q: Why the new site?

A: Because it's exactly 20 years ago that the Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series sprung into being, and we thought we'd commemorate the event by letting the world know we're back. We missed you guys!

Q: Is all the old stuff here?

No. It's been nearly ten years since we were up and running, and many people have gradually moved on, or left the fandom altogether. During the BOTB's heyday from 1998-2002, there were a number of fans who created a character, then never really developed or used them in the BOTB. Most of the stories and profiles that we didn't include belong to these peripheral members that simply weren't that active to begin with. With older artwork, we've discarded much of it, since we can't get in touch with many of the original artists. If you'd like us to re-post your art of our characters, let us know.


Q: Why don't some of the characters have art/stories/voice clips yet?

A: Some characters in the old BOTB were favorites, so there's a TON of material for them, especially in art. (I think Ranger has like, half the stuff in the art gallery right now.) We're definitely planning to have stuff for everyone, but we just may not have created it yet. In the case of the voice clips, those are just fun little things to indicate how we envision our characters sound when they talk. If a member hasn't picked voices for their character yet, obviously they won't have clips to listen to.


Q: What about voice clips for Tam and Kwame?

A: Tam and Kwame are special cases - they don't have voice clips because neither of them speaks, per se. Tam was originally a deaf character, and still is. Most deaf people tend to have what sounds like an accent, simply because speaking and sounding out words is something that gets reinforced a LOT by listening. Deaf people have to pay much, much more attention to the shape of a person's lips, how the sound feels in the throat of a person speaking, and where their lips and tongue should be to form words. They're trying to precisely recreate a sound, often without ever hearing it, and some people in the deaf community prefer not to speak out loud for a variety of reasons - sometimes because they're self-conscious, sometimes simply because it's not as efficient or preferable as writing or signing something. In Tam's case, we felt like he would prefer communicating through texting, writing, or signing rather than speaking.

In Kwame's case, we changed him from being blind to being mute. (Which seemed to be an easier thing to work with as an active thief who goes out on heists.) Mute people can often make sounds, grunts, laughs, or whistles, depending on the reason for their muteness, but they don't speak actual sentences. If we can find something that indicates how Tam and Kwame would sound (i.e. pitch of their voice) from an actor with similar disabilities, we'll possibly add a clip or two. The majority of Tam and Kwame's interactions come through in writing, signing and body language though, so it seems fitting to leave it as it is.

Q: Any copyrights we should be aware of?

A: Nope. None. This is a fansite dedicated to a Disney show; we're under no delusions about anything we write or draw being under copyright of any kind. We exist solely by the graciousness of Disney, who loves having devoted fans. And besides, we're members of a fictional thieves guild. Since when do thieves fret over details like copyrights anyway?

Q: Any caveats?

A: Just one. The Mighty Ducks show was for many, a beloved childhood cartoon, and sadly, Disney never got around to releasing it as a box set, which means many, many fans haven't been able to see it in years. IF Disney ever releases the Mighty Ducks as a box set, we'll happily remove the links to the episodes and pimp the official release instead, because we absolutely believe in supporting the people that make such fun cartoons. In the meantime, well, all we can do is hope. And encourage you to support Disney, which is a great company.

Q: Who runs the site?

A: The site is run by Featherwench and Poisonfeatherquill. Contributors are various members within the Brotherhood.


Q: I found a typo!

A: Argh. It happens. Drop us a note on Deviant Art and let us know where and what it was, and we'll fix it. In the case of old BOTB stuff, everything was copied directly from the old website's files - any spelling or grammatical errors were there from the start, and we simply didn't have the time to pour over every bit of old site material. (There was tons and tons and TONS of stuff to sort through and reorganize. Sorting through what survived and what didn't was formidible enough without spell checking it all.) Also, note that some members were/are British, Aussies, etc. and therefore, our spelling might look a bit wonky to Americans.

Q: Can I submit a character?

A: At this time, no. That will eventually change once we've gotten things up and running to the Leader's satisfaction, though we'll likely have a few limitations on what we'll accept. In trimming down the number of characters from the old roster, we got rid of over THIRTY characters, many of which were little more than names on a list or mentions in a story. The old BOTB had two types of members - inactive ones who made 1-2 characters and then dropped out of the fandom, and super active members, who often had 8-20 characters apiece, 90% of which went unused most of the time. We don't object to making a big, robust universe with lots of characters, but each character should have a reason to be there, not simply be an expy of another character or a duckified version of some film/TV/literature character.

If and when we open up to character submissions, we'll be looking for characters that clearly fit within the existing universe and storyline, (i.e. if you want your ducky magical girl to join the BOTB, you're out of luck), and members who intend to actively contribute to the fandom.


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