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As you enter the Lair's Infirmary after Jedar, a sharp note of antiseptic wafts towards you, making you wrinkle your nose. The room is a bit larger than the last time you remember seeing it, and looks more like a proper medical facility now than it used to. The familiar half of the room still holds three beds, a desk, and several shelves of reference books and instruments, but there are now several cabinets, a sharps bin, and what looks like a crash cart stationed in one corner of the room. To your right however, the Infirmary is all new, with a short, narrow hallway connecting several smaller rooms to the larger sickbay area.

"We've improved a lot here," Jedar notes, a slight grin crossing his face. "The Doc got tired of trying to perform medicine under what he called 'battlefield conditions', so we knocked out a couple walls and gave him an exam room, a one-bed ICU, and a small surgery. Extravagant, maybe, but a lot of the injuries we get on the job can't exactly be fixed up at the local hospital, so it's better to be prepared for anything that might come through the door."

"When you have to handle cases that range from a case of the sniffles to a bullet lodged in someone's shoulder, it does help." The drake seated at the half-buried desk looks up, his expression pleasant. "Showing a new member around, Jedar?"

"Nah, this one's just been gone a while, Tarrin," Jedar says, clapping you on the shoulder, and the doctor nods, his smile apologetic.

"Sorry about that. When the Saurians invaded, I got a pretty nasty concussion trying to escape, and I'm afraid I still don't remember all the faces I used to know on sight. What can I do for you?"

You mention what Cutter had said about looking at profiles on the Brotherhood's members, and Tarrin frowns slightly. "I'm ... not sure that's a great idea, to be honest. Even thieves have standards, and violating patient confidentiality isn't likely to make me very popular around here." He glances at Jedar, hesitates, then sighs.

"All right. If Jedar seems to think you've got the rank to see this stuff, I'll wash my hands of it. If you can tell me who you're looking for, I'll pull their file for you. I'll only give you the first page though; you don't need to see private medical details, just the general information I have, correct?"

You nod, and Tarrin shrugs, heading over to the lone filing cabinet by his desk. "Okay, then whose file would you like to see?"

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