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J. Cutter Andrews

Name(Nickname): Julian Andrews (Jay or Cutter)

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Rank: Honor Blade (Council Member)

Birthday: March 15th

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 160 pounds

Smoker: No

Alcohol Consumption: A very small amount on occasion; has very low tolerance

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Visually Impaired: No

Allergies: Mild penicillin allergy, mild pollen allergy

Other Mental/Physical Handicaps: None

Physical Appearance: Rich medium brown feathers all over, with icy blue eyes, a medium-length orange bill and straight black hair that he slicks back with gel. Cutter is a bit shorter than the average male, and compensates for it by being extremely fit and well-muscled. He swaggers a bit when he walks, and is usually smiling, regardless of his actual mood.

Attire: He dresses fairly simply, in a black polo or long sleeved shirt depending on the weather, and generally wears black jeans or pants. He wears a small gold chain around his neck, which once belonged to his mother.

Weaponry: Cutter carries an electronic "lockpick" device, as well as a set of actual lockpicks, a small datapad, and a saber. The saber's blade resembles a much smaller version of a claymore at the moment, though Cutter ends up tweaking and redesigning the energy blade every few months out of boredom. The handle itself is a slim silver crosstree hilt, with a solid pommel.

Accent: A faint, faint hint of something, possibly from time spent overseas as a military brat, though it's difficult to pin down exactly where he might have acquired it from.

Master/Apprentice: One apprentice, Shawn Fletcher

Specialty: Hacking, coding and explosives, as well as handling the Lair's security.

Personality: Cutter is a bit of a rarity — an computer engineer who actually possesses social skills. He can be charming, sociable, and outgoing when he puts forth the effort, but also has a tendency to be blunt, and can be impatient with things that waste his time. He's a competitive, type A personality that prefers being efficient and logical in approaching things, rather than spontaneous or emotional. Cutter has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and enjoys verbal banter, but never really opens up — he's accustomed to being disappointed by people, and keeps people at a distance to avoid further pain.

History: Julian Andrews, or Cutter, as he prefers to be called, grew up an only child in an upper middle-class family in the north of Keltor. His father is currently a Colonel in the military, Col. Julian Andrews of Puckworld special forces, and his mother was a housewife. Cutter's given name was traditionally passed down from father to son in the Andrews family: his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all were named Julian, and initially he didn't mind the name that much. It was a bit old-fashioned for a child in the 24th century, but Cutter was quick with deal with any schoolmates that tried to give him grief about it, and never needed to deal with much bullying as a result.

Cutter's father was strict and difficult to relate to, and his mother often ended up trying to pacify them both after an argument. By the time Cutter was thirteen, his mother had finally had enough of the tense home situation and divorced the Colonel. After a long-drawn out custody battle, his mother eventually lost to the Colonel, who had more money and influence to throw behind his claim on their child. Cutter had no desire to stay with his father, and made several attempts to run away and find his mother, which the Colonel ultimately used as evidence against his ex-wife to deny her all rights to visitation.

Undaunted, Cutter promptly turned to hacking as a hobby, hoping that he could eventually crack the legal databases he needed and discover where his mother had gone. His father actually approved of the sudden interest his son showed in computer science, and steered his son towards a military career. When Cutter graduated from high school, he was immediately accepted into the prestigious Ironflight Academy, in a military intelligence track, and Cutter went along with his father's plans. The classes at Ironflight helped him hone his hacking talents even further, and he found himself taking more and more classes that dealt with tactics, explosives, security operations, and engineering.

In his senior year of college at the Academy, everything came apart. Cutter finally managed to crack into the court files concerning his mother, located an address, and went to go see her. Unfortunately, the apartment was empty, and the building's landlord informed Cutter that the woman he was looking for had died several years ago in a traffic accident. A quick check of the city's death certificates confirmed the worst — Cutter's mother had died nearly three years ago, and his father had never said a word to him about it.

Devastated, Cutter went straight back to his house and ransacked it, taking everything of value that he could manage to carry. He never went back to Ironflight; never spoke to his father again, and went underground, offering his talents in hacking to the highest bidder. Duke L'Orange eventually took notice of the young hacker, and at twenty-two, Cutter was admitted into the ranks of the Brotherhood of the Blade.


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