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Thalia DuCaine


Name: Thalia DuCaine

Sex: Female

Age: n - 13

Birthday: Aunfeath 9th, 2340.

Appearance: Thalia is very much her father's daughter when it comes to looks. She has his slender and tall frame, his red eyes, and his pale cloudy grey feathers. Her beak is also the same faded yellow as Kel's. She always wears her long hair in a plait down her back, with loose layers of dull blond bangs framing her face. The only concession her body makes to her maternal heritage manifests in tiny brown flecks across her body, like freckles, made of lone brown feathers which speckle the grey.

Attire: Thalia's colour of choice is navy-blue, usually in the form of a straight knee-length navy skirt with a light coloured top. When dressed for business, she wears a long black skirt and a navy blouse. Favourite shoes are a pair of black slip-on sandals.

Weaponry: Pass.

Accent: Remaican.

Personality: When most people think if Thalia, one adjective stands out - naive. Thalia seems blissfully unaware that not everyone works off best intentions. She gets excited by little things, like having chocolate pudding, and never thinks very much bigger. The future and the past are nothing; the present, the now, is everything. Thalia doesn't worry, she just floats through life with her eyes closed. More abstract aspirations such as true love are even more distant than fantasy to Thalia - they only cross her mind in regards to those around her. Thalia thinks about herself so little, she barely even has her own identity. Ask her what her favourite food is - she doesn't know, she likes everything. However, her concern for others masks one important detail - Thalia has no emotional need for companionship. She never feels lonely or the need to talk. This trait is part inherent and part taught. Lacking the fiery spirit of her eldest sister, and the companionship the triplets gave each other, Thalia quickly learned to keep quiet and smile to avoid the family arguments, backing away and disconnecting. Born at the most tense point in Kel and Zuzanny's marriage, she was touched only to be fed and changed as a baby, and by the time the storm passed Thalia had already learnt to be self-reliant. Despite appearances, Thalia isn't stupid. While she is rather slow-witted, her mind has a wonderful ability to focus, especially on logical problems such as budget and guard roster. It focuses a little too well - it can be hard to rouse her once she's started something short of splashing her with water, and asking her to do two things simultaneously is only begging for frustration. Her selflessness makes her quite brave, and she has no hesitation about stepping into the line of fire to do whatever she can. She makes a serious face whenever she's trying to be funny, as if worried no-one will get the joke, and chews on the end of her plait when nervous or deep in thought. Most people assume her to be good with children - she isn't.

Likes: Silence, cooking, sharpened pencils, clean laundry, world peace.

Dislikes: Getting wet, disorder.

"I like television. I also like books. All they do is speak without needing an answer."

Said of her:
(Ranger) "...always actin' like the light shining in her eyes is comin' through the holes in her empty head."


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