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Zirally DuCaine

Name: Zirally duCaine

Sex: Female

Age: n - 10

Birthday: Aviriel 24th, 2337.

Appearance: The youngest of the duCaine triplets, Zirally has creamy brown feathers, very short fluffy white hair, and blue eyes with red flecks in them. Her figure is fairly slender, but more loose-jointed than graceful - and her chest measurements? Not that impressive.

Attire: Refusing to ever wear anything feminine, Zirally is hardly ever seen out of her bodysuit. She wears a style almost identical to Duke's, but with the fold line going down the middle instead of the side, and the colour a deep red. However, it has no belt.

Weaponry: Zirally uses a regular silver saber, a red stone set in the handle. She is known for getting into fights as often as her temper permits, and has a definite degree of competency in kickboxing.

Accent: Remaican, with a slight harshness from her mother.

Personality: Not just a tomboy, this girl shuns anything even remotely feminine. If anyone suggests that she'd look better in a dress or a skirt, they'd better watch out, or they might be wearing said dress around their neck. Often laughed about as being more of a man than her triplet Teague, she can be quite snippy and sarcastic to critics. She doesn't take compliments well, either, covering her inferior feelings with a display of rather dogged roughness. She says that she does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, but somehow, what she wants is rarely anything that would hurt another. She believes in being totally self-reliant, and almost never asks for help in anything. She has good intentions, though, and isn't enough of a rebel for the Brotherhood authorities to worry about. She does have a quick temper where 'girl stuff' is concerned, or when people don't understand what she's trying to get across, and her threats to knock out anyone's teeth if they try to change what she is grant her a fairly wide berth where most people are concerned. She hates bowing to public opinion, and hates letting herself down.

Likes: Red, hamburgers, her triplets.

Dislikes: Dresses, make up, "girly-talk", health food, whingers.

"I'm warning you, I'm not into destruction, but I am very into survival."

"Don't ever call me 'babe'."

Said of her:
(Anon) "People say of things antagonistic that it's like holding a red dress to Zirally..."


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