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Bayard Stormwing


Name: Bayard Stormwing

Sex: Male

Age: n - 3

Birthday: Temfeath 8th, 2330.

Appearance: Bayard has always been tall for his age, rather spindly and gawky while young but filling out much more as he grows, although he still remains rather on the lean side. His feathers are silvery grey, his eyes purple, and his hair something of a mystery. Grown to a medium length, just above the shoulders, not quite straight and not quite tangly with a pageboy curl at the ends, it starts off a dark shade of red. 'Starts off', because at puberty his hair begins to change slowly, from red to purple to blue, and for about five or so years afterwards it's a bit of a tropical rainbow mix in color before it finally settles on light blue.

Attire: Casually he wears pretty much anything, being entirely unfussy about his clothes - his wardrobe is varied, and not every article of clothing in there is necessarily tasteful as he does like to experiment and sometimes gets it very wrong. His uniform is considerably more stylish: an emerald green jumpsuit with purple accents and a lightweight sleeveless jacket of the same purple color. His boots are also purple, of a sleek and simple cut, as is his belt. The buckle is circular, a more bluish purple, with a pearlescent sheen to it; a hook at the back of this belt holds his saber.

Weaponry: A medium green saber of a unique design, with a simple bar-like handle, and a third blade fused into the main, travelling halfway up to the point before it tapers off. This is a much simplified version of his original blade, created at age sixteen, which appeared to be a giant, many-edged screwdriver...

Accent: Ingallish.

Personality: A disaster on two legs with a passion for pulling pranks, Bayard is hardly the quietest person around the Lair. As a child he occupies himself by playing the loose cannon, tearing around the hallways and pulling pranks on the unsuspecting. He doesn't really grow out of this, either, though by this time he's more likely to stumble into (or be talked into...) trouble than to go deliberately looking for it. From the age dot Bayard has an almost insatiable curiosity and is always asking questions and trying to find out how things work, though his attention span is somewhat lacking. He's always rushing about doing as much as possible as quickly as possible, as if the world were going to end the following morning, and things have a habit of occupying his whole attention one day, then lying forgotten the next. Like his father he's fairly uncomplex, though perhaps more so; innuendo goes right over his head while clever words and legalese just mystify him completely. At the same time, however, he can be extraordinarily thoughtful and perceptive, noticing things that others might not because he views them in a different way. Bayard loves to fence once he's old enough, and is a fast learner at what he likes doing - sometimes he just sits and watches other people training, noting moves, counter-moves and positions. He's very good at picking things up through a visual means, either by sight or by reading, but is not quite as good at it through audial means - you tell him not to do something, sooner or later he'll do it just to see what happens; even reverse psychology doesn't seem to work on him. But in spite of all this, Bayard is a likeable guy. He never tries to skirt responsibility when an accident is his fault, and though he's a little loud and prone to goofing off, he's fairly sensitive beneath it all. He makes friends readily, although probably trusts a bit too readily, and is easily taken advantage of because of this. However, he has a very good sense of right and wrong (or at least as far as a thief can) and if he doubts that something is a good idea then he'll refuse to have any part in it. He is often, surprisingly, the voice of reason for the "Brat Pack" - himself, Tasmin, and Ranger. Mischief he will do. Deliberate harm he won't.

Likes: Games, pranks and jokes, playing about, myths and legends and exaggerated stories, loud music, dance music, finding out about things, Tasmin, and his family.

Dislikes: Complex theories and philosphies, extensive use of metaphors, people who insult his friends and family, and.. not much else. Except maybe salad.

"I always wear my mind on my sleeve, but I keep on losing my shirts."

Bayard: "Oh no. Someone took the eggroll!"
Tasmin: "What's the matter wit' that?"
Bayard: "Well, you see, it wasn't eggs that I put in it..."

"Oh.. right.. and I suppose your plan is that we go in there and say 'put your hands up and give us the money', huh? Now, I like the straightforward approach as much as the next guy, but haven't you ever wondered how they can put their hands up and give us the money?"

Said of him:
(Ranger) "Sometimes my brother's just so nice it's nauseating..."

Voice Artist: Kenneth Brannaugh.

Other: Plays the guitar, and has a fairly good baritone. Often goes busking with his brother, Ranger, when the thieving business isn't paying too well.


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