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B. J. Stormglider

Name: Brindon Jiya (BJ) Stormglider

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Rank: Blade Brother

Appearance: BJ is fairly lanky (5' 10") and has large hands; he has visible muscles, but is by no means buff. He has thick, golden-blond hair that always looks like he's just due for a trip to the barber's. He also has thick, light brown eyebrows. His eyes are slightly sunken, a smoky green with an almost black corona around the irises. Occasionally, you might catch a glimpse of a haunted look in them... His feathers are a very pale peach, as in they might as well be white. He has one scar from surgery that runs down the middle of his chest, and his back has many faded marks from beatings he received as a child.

Attire: Well, having to be ready to play any role at a moment's notice, he has quite the wardrobe for heists, as well as general disguises, including hair/feather dyes, wigs, temporary beak patches, all manner of makeup, and contacts in a rainbow of colors. When relaxing between jobs, you'll find him sporting a tight, dark brown, stretchy tank-top, baggy dark green pants, a long necklace with a thick gold ring on it - there's a story there - fingerless, brown leather gloves with brass knuckles, a strip of olive green cloth cinched around his right bicep, and black sneakers.

Weaponry: Depends on the cover attire. He has required himself to master a wide variety of weapons, and now can easily brandish dirks, nunchaku, pucklaunchers, throwing stars, crossbow, quarterstaff, and his saber (of course), to name a few. He wears a black leather belt with concealed hip pouches for such standard equipment as a vibroblade, light ammo, and puck grenades, and a clip for his saber, which is molten bronze with olive green accents; actually inlaid microthin sheets of crystal. He is also very well trained in martial arts and is incredibly quick and agile.

Accent: Smooth Remaican with the voice of Emilio Estevez, but being an actor, he can quite convincingly portray a wide range of accents and dialects, from Caltec/Ingallish to Keltorian to Mangasian to... well, you get the picture...

Personality: Although slightly on the crazy side (all actors are), BJ manages to keep it contained to an offbeat sense of humor, and is generally calm and soft-spoken. BJ can talk intelligently about any subject for at least five minutes (as he puts it, "I know lots of trivial things, but no trivia."). He's claustrophobic, scared of the dark, and wary of new people. He knows who everyone is, but does not maintain acquaintance relationships. Friendship is a very serious issue for BJ; his friends are few and extremely close. He considers these few friends lifetime ones and would give his life for them if necessary. He is courteous to all fellow Brothers, regardless of rank, race, or gender. There are those he dislikes, but he believes in respecting the Brotherhood hierarchy, at least in the formal sense. He's also quite, shall we say, chivalrous? He will not strike a lady, even an enemy. He avoids suffering of innocent bystanders at all costs, regarding children with extreme gentleness. He prefers to hang out with the younger Brotherhood members, and as such is a prime candidate for the position of nanny to Zakiya, Rain, and any other young'uns who may come along.

History: BJ was an illegitimate child, and born with a hole in his heart. He was the first infant (under two years old) to have a successful open heart surgery. His father was a drugee and alcoholic, and left his girlfriend when he found out she was pregnant. She slowly went insane, and as BJ grew up, would go back and forth from loving and playing with him to screaming at and beating him. No one knew what went on in her flat, but neighbors had heard weird noises and were very concerned. They called the police and investigated when she left and hadn't come back. They found a 5-year-old BJ tied up and locked in a wardrobe, dirty, sick, and beyond frightened. He was taken to the hospital, where he was healed physically, but certainly not mentally. Authorities found out his mother had committed suicide, and as he had no other known relatives, the neighbors, Jiya and Karis Stormglider, were allowed to adopt him. It took five more years of struggling, patience, and unconditional love for BJ to work his way out of his shell.

His parents homeschooled him; he had had no education whatsoever, but was exceptionally bright and moved quickly, and he went straight into 4th grade. There was a little girl named Kaaryn in his class, and they immediately hit it off. Okay, hit it off meaning she hit him off his tushie in a round of kiddie hockey. She was a born tomboy and athlete, and their relationship was often competitive, but both practiced good sportsmanship, and they became inseparable. When they got older, they began exploring the not-so-safe lower levels and alleys of the city (unbeknownst to their parents). With that in mind, they had more adventures than I care to mention here (future fanfic will elaborate :). They were both mischievous, and often spent many hours concocting pointless conspiracies, plotting to outsmart their parents, and writing stupid songs and skits.

When Dragaunus hit, Kaaryn's parents immediately became involved in the Resistance, and they didn't see much of each other. BJ's parents were opposed, obviously, but were also pacifists. They rallied together an anonymous bunch of allies to attempt a more diplomatic approach.

They paid with their lives.

Kaaryn's parents, Garrett and Chantra T'i, immediately took him in, but soon after, they disappeared on a strike mission. So Kaaryn, BJ, and Kaaryn's little sister Nadia were left to fend for themselves. They were small-time members of the Resistance, but usually used other resources for survival. Kaaryn and BJ were 18, but there was no romantic relationship, simply the sibling-like camaraderie they had always shared. Once on a mission for the Resistance, Nadia followed them. They didn't realize it until she was captured. Kaaryn left to save her, while BJ carried out the mission. He had to hide out and go from cover to cover going back, and so got home three days later. He found a note on the counter with Kaaryn's gold ring on top of it. Nadia was dead. Kaaryn had left in her ship, the Crystal Flame, and he never heard from her again.

Forlorn, BJ handed in his notice to the Resistance as well, and began his own private attacks on Dragaunus, going into hiding, stabbing at critical moments, then retreating again, for no real reason other than to vent his anger. This is where he self-taught most of his skills in theft and sabotage. This, of course, brought him to the Brotherhood's attention, and after watching him for a while, they made the terrible mistake of sending Keen Lightstorm to suggest he join. BJ was intimidated, then just plain ticked as Keen tried to pick a fight at his refusal. BJ sent Keen back to the Brotherhood with superficial injuries and the message that he wouldn't join until the Brotherhood learned some manners. So they sent Marshall (in the Brotherhood, you don't get more polite and knightly than the rumored "Prince of Thieves"). BJ took a liking to the older man, and Marshall to him as well. Though still a bit reluctant, BJ decided to join. After all, he did need a family.

Likes: Being left-handed, a good verbal sparring match now and then (to keep his debating skills at peak performance), his privacy, children, "bad things" (in-joke).

Likes: Bad mannered people, the dark, any kind of cruelty toward children.

[sniffs] "Ah... Aaaaaahh..." [stops abruptly, looks around, confused] "I think I just misplaced a sneeze..."

"Hey, wanna hear my new song? It's a weak melody, and the lyrics suck, but other than that it's really good!"

[thick Keltorian] "Aw, shet up, li'l dude wanna-be! You done keep up wit' dat attitude, an' you gonna find yo'self negotiatin' wit' mah ‘saber, ya hear?"

[classic, stuck-up Franzian chef voice] "Ah, Madame leSilver! What an honor eet eez to ‘ave you een my humble bistro... Suive moi!"

"All right, yes, I'm scared of the dark. You would be too, if your mom tied you up and locked you in a closet when you were five."

(BJ) "Why are you poking my shoulder?"
(Nylessa) "Would you rather I poked you somewhere else?"
(BJ) [pause] "Sorry ma'am, I'm not looking."

Said of him:
Nylessa: "It's too bad... he could be quite the ladies' man if he wanted to be."

Dude: "Dude, dat dere be one righteous dude."

Marshall: "He's a good lad. Ye just need to give him some room."

Keen: "-----" [comment omitted due to content]

Other: Nicknames - Beej, Dot (both by Kaaryn), Slick (Ender), Actor-Dude (Dude). Though it's of little meaning to him now, BJ's birth name was Kyle Anthony Drake, and his birth-mother's name was Loretta Marie Drake.

Voice Artist: Emilio Estevez.


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