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J. Cutter Andrews


Name: J. "Cutter" Andrews

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Rank: Honor Blade

Appearance: Short, slicked-back black hair, medium/dark brown feathers, medium height, and blue eyes. Lopsided, rougish smile that makes him very popular with the women. He walks with a slight swagger, is always relaxed, looks like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Attire: Black slacks, black belt with a gold buckle, black turtleneck, brown loafers. On the job, he wears the standard black bodysuit, as well as a dark visor. He also wears a thin gold chain around his neck, which most believe belonged to his mother.

Weaponry: Red saber with gold highlights, palm-top computer w/various connection jacks/wires, electronic/mechanical lockpicks, military-style pucklauncher.

Accent: Faintly Thrainnian (Scottish).

Personality: Cutter's attitude isn't really joking so much as carefree. He seems to see a lot of the world in black and white, and has a tendency to oversimplify complex problems. At least at first glance. In reality he has an excellent eye for solving problems. He's extremely intelligent, bordering on genius. He's also very charismatic, sociable and a bit of a lady's man. Cutter somehow manages to pull off an attitude that is cocky but not pretentious; he's generally well-liked by everyone. Confindent and self-assured, he doesn't often seek the approval of others. He can be very dashing when he tries, which isn't often, since he rarely bothers to expend the effort. He rarely needs to. Cutter spends a lot of time in his workshop, inventing, improving, and jewel-cutting. His nickname has a kind of double meaning; if a jewel needs to be recut before it can be sold, or to improve its worth, Cutter is the drake to go to. 'Cutter' is also slang for a hacker/codebreaker. Behind the doors of his workshop, he's very professional, even serious (gasp). The attitude disappears, and he's much less easygoing, though he's never harsh or rude. Jewel-cutting is more a necessary hobby than his main work. He's an encryption expert, a computer whiz, a mechanical genius, and an inventor. He picks up skills quickly when he applies himself, but he is often more interested in enjoying his freedom than working. When something catches his interest, he persues it relentlessly until he's in full command of it. If he's not interested, you might as well try to teach a Pack to use a saber. Cutter lives by his own priorities. Friendship is high on his list, but he decided long ago he would not live to please other people. His basic philosophy is: be yourself at all costs. If it's not important to you, don't mess with it. If it is, don't let it go. As usual, it is a simple solution to a complex problem, but somehow he makes it work.

History: J. Andrews grew up in a fairly well off but oppressive family. His father had plans for him, and pushed him into accelerated military-intelligence schools. All this might have been fine with him, if it hadn't been for the pressure that was constantly applied to him, and the assumption that he would follow the career path his father chose for him. He wasn't given the freedom to persue what he enjoyed, or to persue much of anything at all beyond his studies. One night, when J. was in his mid-teens, he quietly blew the security system, robbed his own home of everything he could convieniantly carry or sell, and left. J. loved his parents, but he had ultmately decided that he couldn't please them, and that he'd only make them all miserable trying. He's never looked back, and swears he doesn't regret his decision.

Cutter worked independently for a few months on the streets, drifting between groups in the underground market. It was difficult for him to be taken seriously at his age, but one quick free sample was usually enough to convince people that he knew what he was talking about. One quick brawl was usually enough to convince them that he wasn't to be taken advantage of. At fifteen, he was approached by Brotherhood recruiters. The lifestyle appealed to him, and he joined. His aptitude and skills with electronics quickly got him a mentor. Cutter was made an Honor Blade shortly before the Saurian attack. His mentor was killed during the fight at the old base.

Likes: Living by his own rules, being with people, having a good time.

Dislikes: Idiots, morons, air heads, people with no common sense.

"Brains over brawn is for wimps and nerds. A real man ought to be able to use both."

"There are times when the word 'no' comes in handy. 'Yes' has a tendancy to be more fun, it's true, but creative use of 'no' can be almost as enjoyable."

Anon: "Hey Cutter, how come you don't tell anyone what the 'J' stands for?"
Cutter: "My parents had a sadistic streak."

Voice Artist: Adrian Paul


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