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Dalin Mandrake


Name: Dalin Mandrake

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Rank: Presaber

Appearance: On the short side and hardly skinny, Dalin can't shake a 'natural plumpness' which gives him a certain rounded appearance, but in spite of this is remarkably agile. Considering the frequency of his accidents, he often has to be. His black hair is shortish and curly, fringeless at the front but falling down a little at the back of his neck, sticking out in small, uncertain locks. His feathers are a dusky off-white, but he's not pure Korsain, having a fair amount of Skuan blood in him that is predominantly evident in his eyes, which are deep red with a few flecks of orange-gold. His eyebrows are thick and black, but overall he's really kind of cute.

Attire: Unfussed about his clothing, Dalin usually grabs whatever he can first reach out of his drawers, as he has no typical uniform or even special heist clothing as yet. He feels uncomfortable in the tight, form-revealing clothing so many are more proud to wear, and prefers baggy shirts and either shorts or loose (and slightly raggy) jeans, with sneakers. He often looks a bit of a scruff because of this, but he feels it's better than looking like a badly made sausage.

Weaponry: A specially designed training saber with no sharp edges, but of course that isn't used outside of the training areas. Elsewhere, no one will let him hold a butter knife, let alone a weapon!

Accent: Rather complex Mangasian (Spanish)

Personality: With an enthusiasm only tempered by a large dose of common sense, Dalin is alert, attentive and always eager to help, and is often taken advantage of because of this last attribute. Quick-witted, but not confident enough to offer his ideas on his own, yet also very dedicated to his studies because if it's something he's interested in he will fight through to the finish. Generally a very polite, self concious, and fanatically tidy boy, he hides in the background a bit more than is healthy and is easily intimidated by people bigger than him. A hopeless romantic, however, and a not-so-secret matchmaker - probably the only area in which he'll put his own opinion forward willingly - and his choices aren't far wrong, which is probably why they're so dreaded. Even so, Dalin has very little faith in himself, partly because he's the prime target for a lot of the bullying going on in the lower ranks of the Brotherhood, but mostly because he's clumsy. In fact, 'clumsy' doesn't quite cover it... not a week goes by, it seems, that he doesn't appear at least once in the Infirmary. He refers to it as 'the Mandrake curse'. Many a time, however, he is able to do three things wrong that nevertheless add up to the luckiest combination. Not readily trusted with any kind of sharp object, he has a certain unpopularity amongst the other kids around, who view him with an admittedly understandable caution. A sensitive soul, Dalin is easily hurt but has an innate stubborn streak that doesn't let him give up, and he usually falls back on this when being pushed around by bullies. He finds it easier to be around a slightly older group than people his own age, though is often embarrassed when they have to stick up for him. While never violent, Dalin can be very brave under pressure, and tends to always think of others before thinking of himself.

History: Dalin was just two years old when his parents, Daniel and Juana Mandrake, joined the Brotherhood; his family was a large one, with three sisters before him and one after, but he was the only son of the Mandrakes. He never lacked for company, and was often left with his sisters and other children in the creche. However, at the age of five he lost both his parents when they were killed in a car accident escaping a police pursuit. The family was pretty much left to take care of itself, under the supervision of the Brotherhood, and Dalin's eldest sister Riva, at fourteen, took over the job of mother and father to her little siblings. Dalin never really understood what had happened until much later - all he knew was that suddenly his mum and dad weren't around any more.

At thirteen the hereditary childhood cluminess of the Mandrake males abruptly started to show, but he had little time to come to terms with it because later that same year the Saurians attacked Puckworld. Dalin, by an ironic streak of good luck, managed to escape the destruction of the Brotherhood, but was captured by Hunter Drones not long after and transported to a workcamp building Drones. He spent three horrible months there, often getting beaten around by the guards for his clumsy behavior, until that same clumsy behavior paid off for once.

He accidentally started a fire in the factory.

In the commotion that followed, Dalin escaped with a handful of other youths who had taken the opportunity to run and did so. A couple of them were shot before they reached the safety of the hills, but Dalin was not one of them. The group of escapees scattered around the uplands; he managed to scramble into a small cave until night fell and the guards were called back to the workcamp. He stayed in the cave for a few hours longer, until it was well into the small hours of the next morning, before leaving further into the hills, heading southwards.

He hiked through mostly wilderness the first couple of days - how he managed to avoid being eaten or captured is quite possibly one of the greatest mysteries of all time - before stumbling quite literally onto a supply line. The supply depot was almost totally automated, so he managed to hitch a ride on one of the transports heading in the general direction of duCaine Metro. Several hours later (he at one point hopped on the wrong transport and ended up at Angen before he realized his mistake) he managed to work his way back to the Metro. His destination at the point was the Brotherhood; it was, after all, the only home he'd ever known, and he entertained some nebulous hope that at least some of his sisters had survived. He made it the Metro, but lo and behold the Brotherhood had moved without him. Now disheartened and purposeless - he'd pinned everything on getting back to the Blade - he decided to search out a relatively warm and dry place to spend the night before deciding where to go next. What looked like an abandoned stock car seemed just the ticket, and he was quickly dead to the world.

He woke up to find that his 'abandoned stockcar' hadn't quite been abandoned, and had shipped him to Keltor overnight. Having no real purpose now, he decided to scrounge around town a bit to see what there was to see, and in the process of hunting up some breakfast ran (literally) straight into Leila deSilver, who recognised him and took him back to the new Lair.

Likes: cleaning, when things go right, TV - especially soapies, matchmaking, reading (a bit of a bookworm with romantic novels), and his friends.

Dislikes: bullies, being bullied, getting hurt all the time, mess, sharp objects, his own klutziness.


(Dalin) "Maybe I should just face it. I'm a lost cause."
(Cutter) "Only if you want to be."

"Oh, dear... In the land o' Hamfistia there is a statue o' Dalin Mandrake."

Said of him:
(Anon) "Never let a Mandrake loose with a machete."

Voice Artist: Antonio Banderas


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