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Darrell Evenfeather


Name: Darrell P. Evenfeather

Sex: Male

Age: n - 1

Birthday: Jennarary 16th, 2328.

Appearance: Tall, with a fairly average kind of build, for the most part Darrell has a nondescript and unmemorable appearance, with no particularly distinguishing features, and for him that is actually something of an advantage. Full Korsain, his feathers are off-white - white with a touch of grey to them - and his hair blond, short and messy; it has the consistancy of straw and tends to look like it, too. His eyes are light grey and, due to his drug use, sometimes rather dead-looking. His palms and torso are a network of thin scars.

Attire: Medium length white lightweight trenchcoat, a gray turtleneck shirt, black vinyl gloves, jeans and either a pair of white leather boots with steel toes or plain old sneakers. Balanced somewhere between stylish and informal, and never wears anything that doesn't cover at least ninety percent of him.

Weaponry: Although since his 'Student days Darrell has owned a saber (black with white hilights), he rarely uses it, preferring a small variety of guns and knives instead. He considers them less obvious and more effective than the Blade's traditional weapon.

Accent: Remaican, with a faint Altairan (Texan) drawl.

Personality: Bitter, angry, devious, volatile, irreverent, malicious - Darrell is one of those people who started off badly and didn't get any better with the years. Something of a misanthrope, he hates people in general and avoids physical contact if not public - his job as a con man and drug dealer depends upon a certain amount of socializing. Wherever possible, though, he tends to retreat to the safety of his private quarters, either with a bottle or a cache of hash. Sorely lacking in scruples, whatever Darrell wants he will get no matter what the cost be to him or to anyone else. There are things he won't do, because he's not an evil man - just angry and bitter. Tact is something Darrell only uses to his client's faces. To everyone else, he's bluntly, brutally honest - honest like a shotgun. His mind, when not clouded by hash smoke, is dangerously sharp but in a non-straightforward way, as if it works at right angles to other peoples'. He sees things that others might miss, and has been known to completely overlook the glaringly obvious. He's always so busy looking for the 'angle' on everything that those things in life which have no angle are beyond his comprehension. There are only three types of people in Darrell's world: allies, enemies, and non-entities who are yet to fall into either of the previous catagories. Needless to say, the latter two outnumber the first; Darrell has very few allies in the world. This has taken what might once have been a fairly healthy sense of caution and turned it into paranoia and a persecution complex, on top of the inferiority complex he's suffered since childhood. Darrell, at times, has only a tentative hold on sanity. When in one of his better moods, he's more or less bearable, and reveals that he does in fact possess a sense of humor, albeit a dry, sardonic one. At his worst, though, he's downright psychotic.

History: Darrell Evenfeather was one of the nine kids who survived the elimination of the assassin's guild, the Dirae, in 2339. Eleven at the time, he had spent all of his life there, and the last three years of it learning the basic skills of assassination. His parents, who were both assassins in the guild, pretty much made it clear to him that he was an unwanted mistake and took little part in his upbringing themselves - except when he got into trouble, whereupon they punished him. Darrell eventually decided that since no one in the world cared about him, then he didn't have to care about anyone else in the world in return. He was smart, quick, and both mischievous and malicious; he started stealing from other assassins as a way to 'get his own back'. But when Darrell was six his little sister Haley was born, and to his surprise he found someone who really loved him. Haley adored her older brother and was known as "Darrell's second shadow" because she followed him everywhere once she was old enough to walk; the only other person in the world Darrell has ever cared for.

Unfortunately, when the Dirae was attacked and destroyed by rival guild the Tier, Haley was killed in the escape, and Darrell blames Hunter for her death. The remaining handful of Dirae members (three adults - Hunter, Matrix and Rumer - and the nine kids) sought sanctuary in the Brotherhood. The adults joined as full members, but most of the kids didn't because they were too young, and some would later leave to lead comparatively normal lives. Darrell was one of the few who did join, and almost immediately fell in with those known as "the wrong crowd". By age fourteen he was a chain smoker and by seventeen had replaced nicotine with the hallucinogenic hash. The money made from Junior and Presaber thievery is limited, not enough to support his addiction for very long, so after a while Darrell started making contacts outside the Brotherhood - blatantly disregarding one of the Blade's most serious Laws - and got into the respective businesses of drug running and confidence tricking. He makes it to Blade Brother and stays there, neither getting nor wanting any offers of apprenticeship.

Likes: Money. Zakiya. Ender. No one and nothing else, with the possible exception of cinnamon rolls.

Dislikes: Questions, opposition, obstacles, memories; Ranger, Hunter, Kel... pretty much every avian being in existance but those three in particular.

"We're perfectly suited to one another, this city and me. Kinda dark, kinda creepy, and full of nasty surprises."

"You name the vice, I'll name the price."

(to Sierra) "Me and Ranger, we're more alike than you wanna admit. You think I'm some kind of villain, the bad guy, the evil con man without any scruples, but when you get down to it he's no better than me. We've both got blood on our hands. His just comes off cleaner."

"Must be something about the whole fashion industry that just sucks peoples' brains right outta their heads..."

Said of him:
(Anon) "Avoid if possible. Run like hell if not."

(Ranger) "...harder to pin down than a seafood squid with a spoon."

Voice Artist: Josh Holloway.

Other: Darrell is addicted to the hallucinogenic hash. Although there are similarities between this drug and hashish on Earth, Puckworld hash comes from the plant ajhasha and has slightly different effects. He also uses ketamine from time to time.


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