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Diallo DuCaine


Name: Diallo duCaine

Sex: Male

Age: n - 10

Birthday: Aviriel 24th, 2337.

Appearance: Quite short for a male, and solid, missing the slim build and grace of both his parents and the rest of his siblings (with the obvious exception of Teague). Light brown feathers that have a tendency to shed, bluey-purple eyes, and dark grey hair in a crew-cut. His beak is curved more than a pure duck beak, with a greyish overtone. His hair is the only thing not messy about him, because his mother insisted on keeping it short.

Attire: Around the base, Diallo wears a black t-shirt with a white image of the Mask on it, along with a pair of black baggy jeans. When on the job, he sticks with black, but in the form of a turtleneck and tighter jeans.

Weaponry: Being the eldest boy, Diallo is all set to inherit the DuCaine saber. However, Diallo's skills lie more in hand-to-hand combat. His punches are very strong and well-controlled.

Accent: Fairly deep resonant Remaican.

Personality: A bold boy, Diallo is relatively fearless, and will give almost anything a shot at least once. Once convinced of something, it's near impossible to persuade him otherwise. Very passionate about righting the wrongs he sees, Diallo often leaps impulsively into conflicts that don't concern him with the pretext of protecting someone. He always prefers deeds to words. Despite his boisterousness around the Lair, one of his favourite pastimes is to go camping in the wilderness alone. He can be gentle and caring, but only when he really feels it. Diallo doesn't fake words, even for the sake of politeness. If he says something, he means it, and he never breaks his word. His friends usually turn to him for ideas and advice. He can be bitterly jealous when he feels hard done by. Though he gets into his share of fights, the only girl he's ever taken on is his sister Zirally.

Likes: Heights, fun, stealing, mess, making stupid people look that way.

Dislikes: Being told what to do, having to clean up, his father, traitors, Ranger.

"I don't care who she is, just leave her alone!"

"The next person who asks 'do you want a piece of me?' is going to have those parts cut off and taken home as souvenirs."

Diallo: "Yes."
Teague: "No."
Diallo: "Oh, yes."
Teague: "Oh, no."
Diallo: "Yup."
Teague: "Alright."
Diallo: "Yes!"
Zirally: "Hurry up..."

Said of him:
(Ranger) "Bold as brass an' twice as dense..."


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