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Gaudeamus Downey


Name: Gaudeamus "Teach" Downey

Sex: Male

Age: 45

Rank: Red Circle

Appearance: His actual race is uncertain, and he's been described as being a half-caste of them all - his feathers are a strangle mottling of black, gray, white, brown and a bit of peach near the beak (like mallard ducks of Earth). Once of a fairly impressive build he let himself deteriorate with the deaths of his wife and brothers, and he's something of a walking skeleton now, his grey eyes sunken and harsh. Over his beak a pair of spectacles perch, and his hair is a mass of ashy-blonde curls, graying at the sides. As befits his rank, he has a tattoo of a red circle on his right shoulder.

Attire: He wears fine clothes but they're all of dull shades - and this isn't just a recent thing, since he loathes bright colors: a dark grey bodysuit, with black accents and a black hexagonal pattern down the left sleeve to the wrist. A short black cape, hitched sideways so as leave his left arm free, and pinned in place with a black stone. A pair of black mid-thigh-length leather boots with the same black hexagonal pattern down the sides, and a navy belt with a red circle on the silver buckle.

Weaponry: A saber worn fully-activated, half-hidden behind the cloak on his right hip - it has been stripped of colour, now just a dull steel-grey, although the blade itself still shines gold.

Accent: Not much of one, speaks mostly in a quiet and usually pessimistic deadpan, although it carries a few hints of Kwi-Ingallish.

Personality: Not much of one either. He's expressionless at the best of times, deadpan and usually indifferent - the only emotions he ever shows readily are mild annoyance and towering fury. He doesn't just smile rarely, he never does it at all, and though he does possess a dry (occasionally just plain sarcastic) sense of humor it doesn't show very often.

History: Very little about him is known for sure. As far as anyone can remember, Gaudeamus has always been in the Brotherhood - he's one of the oldest members still alive, and one of the even fewer Red Circles. It is known, however, that he was a history and geography teacher for a while before joining the Brotherhood, but how or why he joined is something of a mystery. If anyone does remember, that would be Iliana, but no one has ever been curious enough about him to ask her, and it isn't likely she'd tell in any case. Gaudeamus had two brothers - Verguenzo and Cantador (Enzo and Tad) - and the three of them were nicknamed the Downey Trio. They very rarely agreed on anything. He also had a wife, Afra, who was one of the few things in life he cared for - she was definitely his "better half". All three of them were killed during the destruction of the Brotherhood base in duCaine Metropolis, and after this Gaudeamus - who had never really been a social bird to begin with, no pun intended - withdrew totally from the Brotherhood society. In fact, it was a few months before he even returned to the BOTB, but since everything was a shambles with the duels and all it was probably the sanest thing to do. The only person who cares about him at all now (and maybe he cares about back) is his one-time apprentice, Jedar Stormwing.

Likes: Not actually all that much, and if he does it's not made obvious, although it could be that he takes a sadistic delight in scaring the wits out of people with his swift and silent arrivals.

Dislikes: Anything even remotely reptilian, being reminded of his wife - Leila kind of looks like her and he absolutely hates that, happiness, life in general, suicide (he thinks it's dishonorable, which is the only reason he's still alive)

"Get. Out."

"Time doesn't mean very much to me, boy. And neither do you, for that matter, so I suggest you stop pestering me."

"I gambled, and I have lost. I will make no excuses for my actions."

Voice Artist: Sam Neil.


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