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Name: Real name unknown, goes by 'Dude'.

Sex: Female

Age: Exact age unknown, around 12 - 14.

Rank: None.

Appearance: It's a little hard to see what Dude looks like, because she somehow always manages to find any dirt or dust lying around. She's very small, due to malnutrition. Her would-be shoulder length blondy-brown hair is dyed black and pulled into a heap of small springy plaits with coloured beads through, and the original colour showing through the roots. Her feathers are golden-brown at the best of times, but reddy-brown most of the time. Her eyes are sharp and clear blue.

Attire: A very old and baggy t-shirt of Duke's which comes to her knees. A pair of hugely outsized shorts underneath, held up with a bit of rope.

Weaponry: None, unless you count her voice, which most people do.

Accent: A weird cross between Nyanyan (African) and Mayalan (Asian) which still sounds like it should be in perpetual rap.

Personality: Can't seem to speak saying the word "dude" in it, hence her name. An all-bopping, all-rapping, all-attitude brat. There could be more, but so far no one's had the patience or courage or want to try and find a softer side. She'll tag along after someone for weeks, and then just as suddenly follow someone else around, though her favourite person is definitely Nosedive. She's a good little self-taught gymnast, and has no problems with anything requiring dexterity and flexibility. She loves to sing, and has a surprisingly good voice. Unfortunately she prefers to sing rock or rap.

History: Little background known. Was hiding in the Keltor shelter before the Brotherhood moved in, and stayed there spying and running around in the ventilation system. She stole food out of the pantry for a long time without getting caught, but she eventually was trapped. She refused to become a member of the Brotherhood, despite having skills, and also refused to leave what had become her home. Leila relented, and she annoys the puck out of everyone to this day, grudgingly helping out in the kitchen sometimes. What she really likes doing is casing places, but she's generally banned from doing anything like that. Of course, she simply follows and helps out. Her excuse is "Thievin' is en mah blood." Though what that means she doesn't say.

Likes: Dudes, "music wit' thump", food.

Dislikes: Duke, classical music.


"Duke, do'en ya know nut'en? Leave it to a dude, old un-dude."

Voice Artist: Nikita Calame.


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