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Elle Avias


Name: Elle Avias

Sex: Female

Age: n - 9

Birthday: Aunfeath 4th, 2336.

Appearance: Elle starts out life with a definite "ugly duckling" look about her. While never unattractive, she does have a certain "wrongness" to her appearance, probably because of her slight deformities. Her feathers are extremely pale yellow, just a shade or so off white. In fact, in bright light she looks white. Her mother was a Korsain, and as her father is unknown no one knows what her other caste is. Her beak is a lighter orange than normal, snub, and slightly mis-shaped. Her eyes are over-large and pale blue, and her hair is very light blonde, long and wavy. Her bone structure is almost pitifully weak; she can't be too active for fear of breaking bones. She never grows up to be very tall, and no matter how much she eats she still looks half-starved. All through life, she has an innocent, frail appearance about her. Her most obvious deformity is that she has an extra finger on each hand.

Attire: Elle is never overly concerned with how she looks, though she does always try to be neat and tidy. As her feathers are a little thinner than they should be in spots, she gets cold very easily. As such, she almost always wears warm clothing. Beyond that, she has particular preference, beyond pastels. Bright colors tend to hurt her eyes, so she usually avoids them.

Accent: Extremely soft, gentle Remaican.

Personality: Elle is quiet, shy, and reserved for her entire life. She dreads the spotlight, and she hates having attention of any kind focused on her. When younger, this manifests itself in her tendency to hide behind her mother whenever anyone speaks to her. As she grows older, she remains painfully shy, almost seeming anti-social because of her consistant refusal to go anywhere near crowds. She's very close with both her parents, especially her mother, and Sierra Roguefeather acts as her guardian angel / big sister / babysitter. Though her parents and friends have made sure to tell her repeatedly that she is beautiful, other Brotherhood members' insults and calls of "freak" tends to sound louder in her ears. As such, she's too shy to even look at a member of the opposite sex, much less talk to one, and more boisterous boys (Flash, Alex, Bayard etc) tend to frighten her to death. She'll literally hide when she sees one of them coming. The only woman close to her age that she ever becomes very close with is Jayla Featherstone, and they're often affectionately referred to around the base as "The Twins" because of their similarities in appearance and temperament. She often becomes frustrated later in life because of her limited options - it's difficult for her to steal, the possibilites of Loremaster or doctor are closed to her, and she has few special talents. In the end, she pays her way by painting and sculpting clay and selling her works under an alias.

Likes: Her parents and friends (especially Sierra and Jayla), reading, and art - she has a very strong artistic side and loves things of beauty, from sculpture to paintings to beautiful music.

Dislikes: Bright colors, loud noises, attention of any kind, and, above all, anyone who tampers with beautiful things.

History: Elle's birth mother, Mirandy, didn't want her because of her deformities. Querida managed to convince Mirandy to formally sign Elle over to here, and ever since then has strived to protect Elle and keep her away from her birth mother. Elle is vaguely aware that Tarrin and Kerry aren't her real parents, but since she loves them, it doesn't matter to her. She has no curiousity about her "real," parents and generally doesn't even acknowledge the fact that she is adopted.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever. There are no exceptions."

"There's no appreciation for beauty here. It's enough to break my heart. The only beautiful things most of the men around here care about are women!"

"No, no, I can't go to the festival. There are... people there! Sierra, don't make me go..."

Voice Artist: Rebecca de Mornay.


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