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Ender McMallard


Name: Ender McMallard

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Rank: Saber Student

Appearance: He's a Korsain, like Mallory, except lighter. He has long, firey red hair, which is kept back in some attempt at taming in a ponytail. His eyes are a deep green, and he has inherited the good looks of the McMallard line, but not the temper...at least so it would seem. Whoever his father was, he had to have a great deal of patience! Ender has a wirey build, and is of average height.

Attire: Even out of costume, he dresses darkly, in clothing that he can move easily and quickly in. His 'on the job' outfit consists of a blue/black bodysuit/armor combo, with his hair pulled back in a ponytail and his trademark leather jacket. Without the jacket, his suit is sleeveless, leaving more room for his hidden weaponry. He wears a silver metal belt with compartments that hold various tools, and knee-high silver armored boots.

Weaponry: This guy has more hidden weapons than Terminator 2! On each arm he wears an automatic gun and knife release, and can expertly use any weapon put in his hands. He often carries a katana strapped to his back, rather than the more popular saber. This may have to do with his history. He also has an innumerable amount of tools in case of a breakdown in one of his weapons, or in case he needs to "influence" someone else's weapon while they aren't looking! And, if all else fails, he even carries a couple grenades with him when he's expecting trouble. He can use pretty much any weapon that is put into his hands.

Accent: Remaican (Puckworld American) made harsher by a bitter sort of emphasis on his words.

Personality: This guy is colder than cold! He grew up knowing only pain and fear, and the rigorous training he recieved didn't allow time to learn things most of us take for granted, like friendship and fun. Basically, he's the best living weapon you could come across, but has no idea how to deal with his emotions, so he just shuts them off. Which is becoming an increasingly difficult thing, as he tries to deal with his feelings for Leila. Used to being denyed everything, he neither asks for nor wants anyone's help, and, while extremely intelligent, has few other dreams than completing whatever mission he sets out to accomplish, which he will stick to until it kills him. And it just may some day, if he's not more careful... Most of the people he had any loyalty to were murdered, but those who earn his respect have it for life. On a second note, he is actually a pretty decent person under it all. He is rarely rude, and very quiet among people he knows... almost to a degree that could be considered shyness. In truth he enjoys just being among his friends, even if nothing is happening. He hates to see people suffer, and is a very good listener. He rarely makes judgements, and keeps personal opinions to himself.

History: Prepare yourself for a shock... not only is Ender not from our time or dimension, he's not even from the same reality! In our timeline, he'll never exist. Ender was born on Earth in the very near future, but on a very different Earth from the one we know. On this version, Duke was the traitor rather than Lucretia Decoy, and was far more successful! After Draganus reaped and pillaged Earth, he left Duke in charge of what was left, and Duke to complete advantage, enslaving the humans and seeking out and destroying those he could of the Resistance. These consisted of Mallory McMallard, Ernie Falcone (who was the good guy in this version!), Canard Thunderbeak, Lucretia Decoy, Grin, and Tanya. Wildwing died long before Ender was born, and Nosedive disappeared one day, never to be seen or heard from again. No body was ever found, but most assumed he was killed.

Exactly who Ender's father is was never clarified to him, and he never really cared to know. Canard was leader of his group, and paid little attention to him while he lived. Ender lived for the first few years of his life under the watchful eye of Falcone, who took it upon him to teach the boy the uses of the blade. A quick learner, he was a master by the time he was six. Taking note, Mallory decided to start training him as the next generation of the Resistance. She wasn't the best mother, but combat training she could do!

While the boy soon learned every form of martial arts available through Mallory and Grin, affection was lost on him, since the closest person he ever got to, his first mentor Falcone, of all people, was killed in a one-on-one versus Duke when Ender was twelve. He did succeed in teaching Ender one final lesson, though, to hate Duke with a vengeance. Three years later, the usuper's scientists broke through the barrier of Time and Space, which left Duke utterly invincible! He could set back mistakes before they happened, which left little time for the Resistance. Tanya had been working on the same experiment, and threw herself into finishing it, while Ender's training intensified tenfold. Meanwhile, Grin and Lucretia died fighting off Hunter Borgs, a grotesque blend of dead humans and killer machines. This left the Resistance with very little defenses, and the HB's penetrated the Pond just as Tanya put in the final adjustments. The machine was implanted into Ender's already partially machine body. While he was still outcold from surgery, the HB's broke into Tanya's lab, slaughtering the scientist and taking Canard, Mallory, and Ender into custody. While the two remaining soldiers were tortured, Duke realized the kind of danger the teenager represented, but before he could have him destroyed, Ender came to, with full awareness of his abilities.

Realizing he had little other options, Duke killed the remaining two ducks, then fled to another reality, with Ender on his tail. It's been that way ever since. Ender kills every "Duke" he comes across, but it never turns out to be the one who killed the only family he ever knew. To find out more, read "Timeslip 2" ...coming soon!

Likes: Leila, computers, and a lot of time to himself. However, he has a growing appreciation for Sparky, having never had time to get to know anyone so close to his own age, and for Cutter who he sort of looks up to and recognizes as a similar soul. For some strange reason, he's also developed a strong affinity for anything chocolate, probably because he never got it growing up.

Dislikes: Duke, hospitals (they bring a lot of bad memories with them!), Duke, having to rely on others, Duke, flashbacks, Duke... Did I mention Duke? I should say Genesis, actually, since that's the name of his reality's Duke. He's learning to at least accept the BOTB Duke...

"Don't bother me right now, sir. My gun is talking to me. Bad things happen when my gun talks to me."

"What do you mean I can't kill him?"

"This computer is so turn-of-the-century." (sigh) "What I wouldn't give for a decent techno-modifier right now..."

Girl: "Don’t you want a happy ending?"
Ender: "Maybe there’s no such thing."

Said of him:
Anon male: "There goes one creepy sonuva bitch."

Anon female: "Woo! I gotta go take a cold shower!"

Other: While he's good on skates, he's never actually played hockey, which is next to unheard of on Puckworld, but don't rub it in his face if you know what's good for you! He has no living relatives in our reality, since the Mallory of this time is very different from the one he knows, and he has no desire to meet her any time soon....

Voice Artist: Christian Slater.


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