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Estelle Stormcrow


Name: Estelle Jade Stormcrow

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Rank: Saber Student

Appearance: Estelle is full-blooded Raptrin, with dark mahogany feathers and raven-black hair down to the small of her back. Her left eye is bright green, but her right is ice blue. She considers this ugly and thus wears her hair brushed down over her left eye, hiding it. She is tall but not excessively so, and thin but not excessively so. She is strong and well muscled, but since she barely eats enough to survive she occasionally looks a little thinner than she should. Her torso from her neck down to her legs is covered with nasty scars, but she keeps these as secret as possible.

Attire: Black unitard, with a gray leotard over it, and over that a long, split-sided tan skirt that goes to mid-calf length. Her leather, lace-up boots go to her knee, and her tan gloves reach almost to her elbow. She wears more "normal" clothes when out in public, and she'll wear dresses for festivals, but she rarely wears clothing designed to attract male attention.

Weaponry: Bronze saber with gold highlights, throwing daggers she keeps hidden in her boots (for emergencies), and her temper and tongue. (Some would argue that those are her most potent weapons.)

Accent: Brisk, sarcastic Ingallish (English).

Personality: Estelle has a violent, unpredictable temper that can blow at any moment, but she can restrain it when she has to and really shows a remarkable amount of patience in certain situations (i.e. dealing with children or her friends.) She's kind and generally patient with most of the lower ranks and some of the more "unpopular" members, but she has less than no tolerance with arrogant or pigheaded members (particulary males), and she has no problem with telling them so. She has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, one that is often composed primarily of barbs, either directed at herself or someone else. She is hard on others, but she's hardest on herself. She views herself as lower than dirt and voices her opinion frequently. It's not fishing for compliments--she really views herself terribly. She is in awe of the Strike Force members, and Leila, and she refers to anyone she respects as "Sir" or "Ma'am." Estelle generally makes character judgments in black and white, not shades of gray. If she decides she likes someone, then they can do her no wrong, but if she decides she doesn't like someone, they can do nothing right. Usually her first impression is her only impression, but her character assessments are usually dead-on. She judges others much more lightly than she does herself, and is always pushing herself to do better, convinced that nothing she can do will ever be good enough. She would accept male attention, were it to be offered (though she's sure it won't be), but she refuses to reduce herself by flirting. She is extremely talented in many areas--drawing, writing, guitar, fiddling, keyboard, singing, and writing and composing her own music--but she keeps her talents to herself and shuns the spotlight whenever possible.

History: Estelle came from a very close-knit family--one that just a little too close-knit for her older brother. She idolized him, but he left the family as soon as he could. Both her parents died in a car crash when she was ten; she was thrown free and didn't wake up until the car was already in flames. Having nowhere else to go, she tracked down her brother and showed up on his doorstep one evening. It would have been hard to say who was more shocked--him, for finding his little sister, or her, for finding out that her brother had become a thief.

While she was still confused over their parents' deaths, he immediately set her to work picking pockets. She knew that stealing was wrong, but she didn't have the strength to fight him then. Her brother had changed greatly, and now he was a cruel taskmaster. Whenever she did something that he deemed to be even slightly out of line, he beat her viciously with whatever came to hand. Finally, after several years of this, he flew into a vicious rage one night and beat her almost to death. Thinking that she was dead, he left, and the next morning she woke up alone. Somehow or another she patched herself up and made it through that long Puckworld winter, and then she immediately started searching for her brother.

She quickly discovered that taverns were good places to gather information, even if one didn't drink (which she didn't), so she waitressed in them, always moving on when she caught some scrap of information about her brother. She always seemed to be two steps behind him, though, and she was finally forced to give up--for the time being--when she found out what he had done. She joined the ranks of the Brotherhood, and therein found out more about him than she had ever wanted to know.

Her brother was Ernie Falcone.

Likes: Those she chooses as friends, the Brotherhood, her saber, and music.

Dislikes: Falcone (though she still loves him too), any mention at all of her past or her eyes, being in the spotlight, men, incompetence, and show-offs, in about that order.

"I will have you know that if I were tempermental, you would be chasing your head down the hallway right now."

"If you wish to keep your internal organs internal, you will not touch me again."

"I deserved every hit my brother gave me. Everything he ever told me was the truth, because he would only have lied if he'd been trying to spare my feelings - and he never saw any reason to do that."

Said of her:
(Milantha) "So now you're psychic, hmm? And here I thought you were just psychotic..."

Voice Artist: Tress MacNeille.


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