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Felicity Stormwing


Name: Felicity Leila Stormwing

Sex: Female

Age: n - 3

Birthday: Temfeath 8th, 2330.

Appearance: Felicity inherited most of her looks from her mother, and so doesn't grow up to be nearly as tall as her father or twin brother, only an average height though still a little taller than her mother. Her feathers are an even mix of grey and white, a light overall silver, her eyes are greyish purple and her hair deep red, usually kept in a pageboy style but it tends to frizz when wet, which she absolutely hates. She has the same slender hourglass form that her mother has, although this is less obvious when she's a child, becoming more apparent the older she gets. She's quite pretty in all stages of her life, with a sunny smile that can win over anyone.

Attire: She loves pale shades, especially white - as a child she wears a plain, long white linen dress with sleeves, a white belt and white sandals, although anything white sits with her fine. As she gets older, however, she experiments with other colors and attire made to catch attention (of men in particular) rather than present herself as a little angel. Her most common outfit at this time is a pair of black tights, slim black slippers, a white halter top, and a copper chain around her upper left arm. She also keep a variety of style magazines, a sewing machine, and pretty colored material, because she sometimes makes her own clothing either for herself or as presents for others.

Weaponry: Her winning smile, or a slim and slightly curved saber with a deep green hilt and a lighter green blade. Both are equally dangerous.

Accent: Very Ingallish; tends to call people she doesn't know well or at all 'sir' or 'madam' - if the situation calls for it, she can make the titles sound almost like insults.

Personality: Although Felicity has the ability to look totally angelic, this is not the case. While she's an angel 90% of the time, the remaining 10% she can be a little devil. An influencer rather than a doer, she can usually wheedle whatever she wants out of people with a puppy-eyed expression and a well-placed "pretty please". Her smile is dazzling and adds to her earlier image as an angel, as does her tendancy to dress in white during her younger years. Later on, though, she begins to find a certain satisfaction in flirting with males, and drops the pure image for a more alluring and seductive one. She is not, however, as much interested in sexual relationships as simply breaking hearts. Very conscious of how she looks, she is fussy about her clothes and hair, never failing to complain about her 'unprettiness' if she can't look like she wants to; despite the fact that even on a bad hair day she's still remarkably good looking. In fact, her attractiveness and her own delight in teasing the males is a source of constant stress and despair for her mother; the two often fight about it, but as quick as the fights come they're also quick to end. Felicity understands that her mother worries about her. She also believes that she can take care of herself, and certainly she has a lot of talent with a blade. However, she is more likely to use her looks and her smile as weapons than her saber. Felicity has an almost sisterly bond with Sierra Roguefeather and Jayla Featherstone; indeed, the three of them seem intent on continuing the dangerous trio their mothers began, Jayla being like a little sister to the two elder girls. Despite her often flirtateous nature, Felicity is big-hearted and generous, ever-ready to give out her friendship, and always fair, but also very sensitive; insults tend to hit her hard, and she takes umbrage at the smallest admonishment or criticism unless it was meant as a joke. Her temper is a fickle thing, calm one moment and raging like a storm the next. Sometimes she can be a little bitchy, though she is usually the first to say sorry; but if she decides that she doesn't like someone, she can and will carry a grudge into eternity.

Likes: Looking nice and tidy, cleanliness, teasing the guys, clothes and shoes and other fashion items, being 'up-to-date' on everything from gossip to what that season's colors are, getting her own way, doing what she likes, modern classical music and sketching.

Dislikes: Her hair when it frizzes after being washed, the color pink, anything dirty, people who expect too much of her, being 'out-of-fashion'.

"They say to love is to live. I consider myself alive enough without it."

"I am not overreacting, sir. In fact, I am underreacting. If I were overreacting, by now you would be in several dozen pieces which not even the good doctors here could sew back together."

Anon: "Hey, baby, my door's open and I'm high on life."
Felicity: "Yes, not only high but stinking."
Anon: "That was below the belt, sugar..."
Felicity: "Perhaps so, although I'd be surprised if you had anything below the belt worth worrying for."

Voice Artist: Kate Winslet.


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