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Gina Firefeather


Name: Gina Marie Firefeather

Sex: Female

Age: 21 (arrives in 2333)

Rank: Saber Student

Appearance: Gina's hair is long, mid-way down her back, and wavy. Not curly, exactly, but a far cry from straight. Her hair is a dark, rich blonde, her eyes slate gray and cool. Her feathers themselves are a light, misty gray, evidence of Nijhro in her heritage somewhere, heavily diluted with Korsain. She's rather short and shapely, with the stereotypical "woman's silhoutte" of large bust, small waist, and wide hips. Still, though, she's muscular, and no one looking at her would mistake her for an easy target.

Attire: Gina dresses almost exclusively in her three favorite colors - black, burgundy, and hunter green. She'll wear nearly anything, as long as it's tight enough to keep from restricting her movement and modest. Her usual outfit consists of close-fitting leggings and an equally close fitting, high-cut top make of some kind of tough material, and a jacket that's warm but not overly bulky. Looking at her, it's nearly impossible to tell where she hides the tools of her trade, but rest assured that no matter how close her apparel seems to be cut, it contains numerous little pockets and pouches. At any time, she's carrying fifteen weapons, lock-picks, sundry other tools over her various trades, and a small fortune in cash. Even her shoes - soft, black leather knee-high boots - contain places to hold extra weapons and poison needles.

Weaponry: Literally, anything and everything. She could take out anyone she wanted to with just her bare hands, but she prefers to use bladed objects or more subtle weapons, such as poisons.

Accent: Sharp, spirited Remaican (American).

Personality: Gina comes across at first as harsh, cynical, and Machiavellian. All this is true - but it's only the first layer. She's fiercely protective, and will always stand up for the underdog. She's known for taking crazy chances, and it's said she has a bit of a death-wish, since she comes up with, executes, and survives sucidial plans on a regular basis. No matter how narrow her brush with death, though, she's ready for her next mission the instant she's out of the infirmary. Gina is rather amoral in some areas; she views thievery, bounty hunting, and even assassination as just jobs like any other. Her personal philosophy is that the criminal element is a necessary part of society, and without it, culture would collapse. While rather amoral in other areas, she keeps her body strictly to herself, no matter what she's offered. She's a one-man woman, or she will be, once she finds the right man. While generally suspicious - with her job, she rather has to be! - she is an excellent judge of character. Whenever she meets someone that she genuinely likes, she acts warm, friendly, and open to them. She's doesn't like to talk about herself much, though, even around someone she trusts. She also has a photographic memory, which is part of the reason that she's been able to collect more skill than those twice her age.

History: Gina doesn't like to talk much about what she did before. From the way she talks, one would think that her history doesn't go any farther back than six years. She's an expert in nearly everything illegal: tomb raiding, bounty hunting, stealing, smuggling, gaining "private" information and spying, hacking, and, occasionally, assassination. When asked how she got this skill, she just shrugs and says "Training." A not-so-casual hand on her dagger usually keeps anyone from being too nosy. She's hinted broadly that she had some kind of score to settle with Canard, but she seems just as happy that he got taken out before she got a chance to get revenge. She doesn't resent Jedar for taking away her opportunity, rather, she's thanked him for it more than once.

Likes: "Taking care of business," her "job," and those few she calls friends.

Dislikes: Being forced to do something she doesn't want to do, those who are too narrow-minded to realize that the criminal element is a necessary part of society.

"Without my weapons, I'm half an assassin. And half an assassin is just an ass."

"The cynics, the cynics, everybody always bitches about the cynics but the truth is if we didn't exist you'd have no reason to prove anything! Why doesn't anyone ever think of that?"

"Being an assassin is only a very small part of my job... though I guess it's the little things that count."

"I know that I can trust my body to do what what I ask it to do, when I ask it it do it. I can trust my body. If I didn't, I'd have no business being in my line of work."

Voice Artist: Susan Egan.


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