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Jae Silverbeak


Name: Jae Raisa Silverbeak

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Rank: Presaber

Appearance: A Nijhro/Mayalan half-caste, only 5' tall, still has a childish build only noticeable because she's pretty flat-chested. Tannish-brown feathers (a little darker than Calista's), a short beak, deep aqua eyes (the same shape as Tzipporah's on "The Prince of Egypt"), thick eyebrows, neck-length almost curly black hair that sticks out like she had a bad perm or something.

Attire: Cargo pants with tie-dyed Ts or dark long-sleeved crewnecks with a white collared shirt over, or a royal blue flight jumpsuit with "Sterling" embroidered in cursive on the back with silver thread. Has a black utility belt for her weapons, and black hiking boots. Her dobok (uniform) is white with a black collar, and she rolls up the sleeves, and then she wears a white headband.

Weaponry: She's been training in the Martial arts since she was five, and is currently a black stripe. Has quickly become a crack shot, and is wielding her practice saber quite well. Generally carries a pucklauncher and three to five puck grenades at all times. But more often than not, her most dangerous weapon is unbleached, all-purpose, self-rising... flour!

Accent: Remaican (American).

Personality: Very self-confident, good at shoulder rubs, and a born storyteller. She's very mature for her age, she's had to be, but deep inside she wishes she could just be a little kid again. Of all the Brotherhood members, BJ Stormglider has taken the largest portion of the "mothering" burden, while Abraham is her trainer and paternal figure. Jae has a huge crush on Jedar, but she'll never admit it to anybody. She likes a cappella groups, and is quite a good vocal percussionist.

History: [condensed and subject to change] Born to Robert and Sasha Silverbeak, has one older brother, Nicholas. Hunter drones stormed their house when Dragaunus hit, killing her parents, taking Nicho to the work camps, and leaving her stunned in the ruins of her home. A middle-aged drake took her in and nursed her back to health. His name was Fagin, and he'd started his own little crime ring, mostly children. He added Jae to his collection of urchins, who would pickpocket, keeping the money and pawning the rest (in the spirit of Oliver Twist). It was here that Jae's talent became apparent: not theiving, but rather tracking. "The Shadow," Fagin called her. It didn't take long for Jae to perfect her shadowing skills, and that made the pickpocketing immeasurably easier. One of her subjects was Abraham Tebaishi. The girl had seen Abe several times, and took a fascination with his striking appearance and Mayalan air. She shadowed Abraham over several months, but when she tried to rob him, she messed up somehow. To this day, Jae is still not sure what she did wrong, but says that "I think part of me wanted him to catch me, you know?" Abraham pursued Jae to their hideout, stormed in, but demanded no more than the girl, who had defended herself admirably. He brought Jae to the Brotherhood and took her as an apprentice.

Likes: A cappella pop groups, BJ, Abraham, Jedar, assisting those in need, dancing, telling tall tales.

"Jeez, take a chill pill!"

"Excuse me, are you having problems?"

"Dalin, nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission."

"Doom-HAP-mm-dika-DOOM-pa-DOOMdoom-DIKkety-doom-DIKkety-doom-DIKKA-dakka-DIKKA-dakka-FFT-tik-om-Psssssssssssssss... bi-DAP!"

Anon: "What's vocal percussion?"
Jae: "It's when you spit for a living."

Said of her:
(Rio) "I swear, the kid's got a microscopic drum set in her voice box, or somethin'!"

(Jedar) "First mayonnaise, then flour... sauerkraut will be next, I can feel it."

Other: Jae has several nicknames - Sterling (from her brother and the most commonly used), Jae-Bird (by Jedar), Crazy Lips (used exclusively by Rio).

Voice Artist: Lindsay Lohan.


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