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Jedar Stormwing


Name: Jedar Paris Stormwing

Sex: Male

Age: 31

Rank: Honor Blade

Appearance: An easily identifiable person, and not only because he's currently Puckworld's #1 Most Wanted crim - his feathers are an overall medium/dark grey, his eyes a pale shade of greyish purple, and his hair a dark blue-teal; it has been practically uncombable since early childhood and he's quite happy to leave it like that. Tall but not towering, with a strong frame although he doesn't seem particularly muscular at first glance, and an overall sleekness that despite his hair radiates the impression of suits, BMWs, and martinis - shaken, not stirred.

Attire: Despite that impression, you'll never find Jedar in formal wear unless the occasion absolutely demands it - he far prefers more casual attire, usually consisting of a plain shirt, jeans and sneakers, or similar. However, it's rare that you'll find him without his black evening jacket. On a heist this stays with him, although he swaps the rest of his clothing for a purple bodysuit, black belt with a tool-kit on the side, and dark grey military-style boots.

Weaponry: A saber with dark blue hilt and pale blue blade, which he keeps tucked into a pocket on the inside his jacket unless needed, and a pucklauncher - although he doesn't carry this around.

Accent: Lightly Thrannian (Scottish).

Personality: To many it seems Jedar has two totally different personalities: at some times he's a charmer, always polite and gentlemanly and occasionally a bit too ready to eye the women, although he rarely takes it any further than talk. Other times he acts like a big kid, never serious, with a reckless streak and a sardonically cheeky sense of humor. He enjoys pulling complicated pranks, and is not put off by rank - he respects a person for what they're like rather than the position they hold - which means that anyone could be the victim. Friendship means a lot to him; he's sociable and aimiable most of the time, a frequent party-goer, and never hesitates to back up a friend in trouble. An uncomplex person - but this isn't to say he's stupid. Sometimes he's so sharp it cuts. He just prefers to look at things such as life simply ("Live, and live the best you can.") without worrying about anything too complex or philosophical, although occasionally he has his moments. Tolerant to a point, the worst he usually gets is annoyed enough to give someone a dark look; with a pretty long fuse he can take a lot and is slow to get really angry, but when he does he alternately withdraws or explodes, usually depending on the person who riled him. His somewhat impulsive, spontaneous behaviour means that often has to be shoved back in line, but reprimands and threats just seem to bounce right off; like water off a duck's back, if you'll excuse the pun. He often speaks his mind without thinking about the consequences, a habit that occasionally earns him the title of 'loudmouth', although usually he never means to hurt anyones feelings. However, since Canard's assassination he's been somewhat quieter, less prone to speaking out loud, as if he doesn't want to be heard or feel he's got anything worthwhile to say. He's still his usual self in most respects, but perhaps just a little less carefree.

History: Jedar was born in Slapshot, Puckworld, a rather military town on the border of Remaica and Thrainnia, whose main claim to fame was the amount of soldiers it produced. However, he was born into a familiy who were rich due to being at the head of a smuggling ring that covered the whole state of Arutha and beyond, so Jedar followed the family tradition rather than the local one. He began work with fetching and carrying when he was only five, and learnt that caution paid off, among other, more varied, skills. He wasn't the only kid in the ring - a few of the smugglers had children, and one of them had a daughter of about Jedar's age, Cartha Phagan, and the two of them were firm friends and playmates. At the age of nine he was already helping his father, but that same year his parents and baby brother were killed by a few customers who refused to pay up. Cartha and her father left the ring, disliking the new people in charge. Jedar's 23-year-old sister had already married into an influencial, military family and had a son, so he was taken in by them, but ran away to live on the streets after only a year.

He became a pickpocket and petty thief while he tried constantly to get back into the smuggling ring - since his sister had no interest in keeping the ring going, and since the smuggling career was the only one he'd been trained for, he wanted in again. After a few months he was accepted back, but because of his age still had a hard time with the older members who used him as a kind of packer. When Jedar was twelve he met a seven year old Tarrin Avias wandering the streets, and took the kid back to the smuggler's base, announcing that he'd unofficially adopted him. The other smugglers were, needless to say, unhappy about this but because Tarrin made himself useful as a fetch-and-carry they allowed him to stay. Jedar got the kid in touch with a scholarly friend of his who would give Tarrin the schooling Jedar himself had missed out much of, which just made the gang more angry, and he was beaten about a lot. This continued for about four years, until a disgruntled smuggler tipped them off to the police, who raided and destroyed the base. Jedar managed to grab Tarrin and some money before getting out, escaping down to duCaine Metropolis, but the money was soon spent, so the two turned to thieving in order to live.

The Brotherhood of the Blade had always been a rumor on the street - of gallant thieves who would sometimes give a few coins to those homeless that they passed - and Jedar had heard of it long ago but never given any thought to joining. But now, with nothing to loose, he decided to find out more, and pressed for information, finally getting about three seperate sketchy directions to suspected hide outs. It was while tracking down these directions that he - quite literally - walked right into his future. In an attempt to escape a storekeeper after liberating a few freshly baked sticky-buns Jedar took refuge in an abandoned apartment block and stumbled upon a trio of thieves also taking refuge there.

After what Jedar refers to as "a long chat" he found out that they were from the Brotherhood, and eventually, after he was certain his life was not in danger anymore, he told them he'd been looking for some way to join. The thieves - having introduced themselves as the 'Downey Trio', Verguenzo, Cantador and Gaudeamus - decided to give him a go and test him out; one gave Jedar his saber, but was rather surprised when he managed to fend off the other two for a couple of minutes before they finally disarmed him (although Jed will admit that this was more to do with the sticky-bun missiles he used than any kind of sword skills - but he scored points for creativity). He was asked to come back with them, but Jedar said he had a younger friend who also wanted to be a part of the Brotherhood, so Gaudeamus returned with him to collect Tarrin and to bring them both to the Brotherhood of the Blade to be tested by a Council member - and accepted.

Unlike Tarrin, Jedar dove whole-heartedly into the lessons and at 19, three years after joining, he was chosen by Gaudeamus to be his apprentice. But "Teach" was a very strict teacher and Jedar was, to say the least, impulsive, erratic and often childish, yet whenever his mentor began to loose his patience he would always pick up on his lessons in order to stay Downey's apprentice. It was at the Brotherhood that he developed the other side of his personality - the smooth-talking charmer attitude - to the extent it is now.

He had long since finished his apprenticeship and had recently become an Honour Blade when the Saurians struck. Jedar was not at the base at the time, but in the middle of casing the Metropolitian Museum in the hope of gaining access to the sea-pearl exhibition. He was trapped inside when the place fell down around him but managed to squeeze out, narrowly missing being caught by the Saurian Drones. He returned to the Brotherhood but soon left again to join the Resistance where he became good friends with a drake named Canard. Only a few days later the BOTB base was destroyed. Jedar was hardly surprised that he was not picked for the strike force team that would take out the Master Tower - since he got on well with very few of the people in charge - and he was certainly not surprised that the military risked lives to get Duke l'Orange for the job.

When the strike force vanished and Canard returned, Jedar decided to head back to what remained of the Brotherhood - as far as he was concerned, he'd done his bit for the planet and it was time to get back to his job - but there were some people who felt he had broken the rules by joining the Resistance and should be dealt with adequately, so once more he left, having had an offer from Canard to be part of his ruling company: he was changing the Parliamentary structure to be only a Council of Five. Having nothing else to do with his life, Jedar accepted the offer. He'd be the first to admit that ruling anything - one fifth of Puckworld especially - was not his cup of tea, but when Canard created the new breed of police known as the Enforcers who went to extremes to hold up the law, Jedar decided that enough was enough and handed in his notice. He was subsequently declared an outlaw and a hefty price put on his head.

After meeting an ex-military man, Mayhem Swordbill, who held the same views on the Authority, Jedar began quietly planning out a base of operations in the bomb shelters below Altrhein Square for a new Resistance against the Government. Yet, this Resistance was more a refuge for the homeless and the wounded, there were very few soldiers because the Puckworld Military was pro-Canard; the main fighting force was small. When the Enforcers captured some of the Resistance for public execution Jedar realised that if they were to strike then now was the time.

On 23rd Featherary - exactly one year after the Saurians were banished from Puckworld - Canard Thunderbeak was assassinated by Jedar as he was ready to give the order for the prisoners to be shot. Unsure what would happen next, Jedar had not expected the media to twist the truth around to make Canard a martyr in the eyes of the people, to cast him as the "bad guy". Disbelieving, he went back to the Brotherhood - which had regrouped a while ago and moved to the shelter in Keltor City. He knows very well that leaving the Brotherhood twice would, by the Law, call for his own execution, so he always gets a little nervy around the topic. So far, however, he's been safe.

Likes: Being the practical-joker that he is, Jedar loves to see a prank well-pulled - even on himself. He enjoys the thrill of the heist, and often pulls one for the sake of it rather than for the worth of the item - especially testing the constantly changing security system of the Keltor NESTPAC bank for flaws and loopholes. He doesn't take anything, but leaves behind a note saying exactly how he got in. By now, it has the most advanced security system of any banks in Remaica.

Dislikes: Jedar is forever annoyed by what he calls "sourpusses with no sense of humor", however, of all things, he most dislikes being called an assassin and will retaliate violently to anyone calling him that. Oh, and mayonnaise - he really hates mayonnaise. Don't ask him why; if you really want to know, ask Leila.

"It was not a lie, it was a creative avoidance of the truth."

"Oh, right, blame the guy with the blue hair."

(Rio) "Ya know I hate it when ye're right."
(Jedar) "Of course. That's partly the reason why I always am."

Said Of Him:
(Leila) "That damn blue-haired loudmouth smartass--"
(Nylessa) "Now, really, Leila, he's not that bad."
(Leila) "Yeah? As compared ta who?"

Voice Artist: Pierce Brosnan.


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