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Kai Andrews


Name: Kai Andrews

Sex: Male

Age: n - 2

Birthday: Newfeath 13th, 2329.

Appearance: Kai bears a strong resemblance to his father - or he would, if he'd cut his hair, stand up straight, and smile a little more often. His eyes are green, rather than blue, and when they're visible they're quite striking. However, he always looks as if he's in need of a haircut; his scraggly black hair is long in the back and hangs in his eyes. The effect is made worse by the fact that he's usually looking down. He's a little taller than his father, but it's not always easy to tell because he slouches (a habit his both his father and adopted mother have been trying to break him of for years, without success). When he feels compelled to clean up - which is almost never - he's actually very good-looking.

Attire: Kai favors dark colors (though by 'dark' he doesn't always mean 'black') but may every once in a while wear something brighter to please Kalani. He's not overly concerned about his clothes; his shirt is always half-out of baggy pants, and his hands are usually shoved in his pockets. For some reason, his clothes always wear out quickly.

Accent: Mostly Remaican; Kai lacks his father's Scottish clip, or his mother's natural Lianan lilt, although a trace of one or the other may come through on particular words or sentences.

Personality: Thoughtful and quiet, Kai is a very serious young man. He's often in his own world, though what he's compelled to think so deeply about so often is anyone's guess. Kai's mind is almost never completely on what he's doing, but like his father, he has a talent for splitting his focus between two completely unrelated tasks, so that he can be picking a lock while writing poetry (a favorite pastime, though his themes are nearly always serious, sometimes bordering on dark) in the back of his mind. He's a wallflower at social gatherings - he says he enjoys going to them, but generally he just stands around watching everything with a rather vacant expression. He almost never raises his voice to anyone, unless he really wants to be left alone. He gets along well with both of his parents; though neither quite understand him, he knows they love him, and that knowledge means the world to him.

Likes: His family, writing, poetry, solitude when needed, small company.

Dislikes: Loud noise, being in the spotlight, crowds, constant interruptions.

"Huh? Oh. Sorry. Were you talking to me?"

Cutter: "Kai, you've been staring at that wall for an hour."
Kai: "What wall?"

Voice Artist: Keanu Reeves.

Other: Kai's birth mother, Ayla Goldfeather, was a thief from the Brotherhood base in Seique. Cutter spent a little over a week there on an errand shortly before he met Kalani, and didn't find out about Kai until the boy was two years old. A woman appeared on in the Keltorian base with Kai in tow. Shaya (she never gave a last name) had been a friend to Ayla and had taken over Kai's care as much as possible when it became clear that Ayla wasn't interested in sacrificing her fun-loving life for his sake. Eventually Shaya, for reasons she never clarified, decided that she couldn't take care of Kai anymore. Having grown attached to the boy (whom Ayla hadn't even bothered to name), she was unwilling to leave him in Ayla's unreliable hands. She took Kai and went to find Cutter, intending to demand he take responsibility for his actions. She was surprised to find that Cutter had never been informed of Kai's existence, and relieved to find that he had, in the meantime, found someone to love and settled down. (See fic: Duty Bound)


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