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Kalani Manu-Hekili


Name: Kalani Manu-Hekili

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Rank: Saber Student

Appearance: Short, straight black hair that comes about halfway to her shoulders, dark tan feathers and large dark eyes.She's slender and well built but it's obvious from her stance and the way she handles herself that she's not to be taken lightly.

Attire: Varies. She favors the bright colors of her heritage when at home but adopts the more traditional dark suits on the job. Around the Lair Kalani usually wears a wraparound dress in a Lianan print, knotted at her hip. It often makes her stand out but she considers it to be a way of honoring her heritage. It's comfortable and easy to move in, but it's also designed for a somewhat warmer climate than Keltor's, and so she's been known to wear a short-sleeved bodysuit or something of the sort under her dress. It looks a little odd, at times, but Kalani doesn't seem to notice.

Weaponry: Kalani is now a master of kajukenbo and made her saber in the style of a tachi sword rather than the more common broad blades. She carries various knives at times but doesn't care for guns, partially because she thinks they're too loud, and partially because she was never very good at using them.

Accent: Calm and somewhat soothing Lianan (Hawaiian)

Personality: Enigmatic and somewhat unpredictable. Kalani's very calm, and not prone to outbursts of any kind. She's far from deadpan but she believes firmly in self-control and so is unlikely to explode, though she certainly lets you know when you're pushing the limit. Her last name is Lianan for 'Thunder bird' and she lives up to it when she's truly angry. She can seem rather argumentative at times in that she will debate anything and everything, but always maintains a calm and logical perspective. Kalani makes a way of life out of questioning authority and establishment, a rather odd trait considering her love of island tradition. Somehow she keeps a balance between the two, however, and believes in respecting traditions without letting them hold back progress. She abhors closed-mindedness, and absolutely detests people who automatically think anyone that disagrees with them is closed-minded. She's given to quoting island proverbs, as well, reverting back to her native language when she gets thoughtful (or, some suspect, just to irritate others). She does a great deal of thinking and analyzes everything, usually writing up her conclusions and/or explaining them to anyone who will listen. She loves a good intellectual debate but hates people that can't remain calm and rational when someone disagrees with them. Kalani is good with numbers and helps keep track of the Brotherhood's overall finances and shady investments. She's not apprenticed and doesn't really seem interested in the possibility, prefering to work in her own way with as few people as possible looking over her shoulder.

History: Kalani is from the Liana Islands but is not, obviously, Cardakian. One of the smaller islands is inhabited by the descendants of a Malayan people that settled there before the time of duCaine. Tradition and heritage were very important to her family and her people in general. Her father was a martial artist and when she showed interest he made sure she got training both in kajukenbo (a combination of karate, judo, kenpo, and kung fu that originated in the Liana Islands), and in Malayan swordsmanship. She learned traditional dance from her mother and aunt, and island culture and history from her grandmother. Her academic studies were well-rounded but tended toward politics and business. She was active in school groups and outspoken with her opinion of government and community policy, always questioning the norm. Kalani has always been taught that there is balance in everything, and if there is not, then there is a struggle to achieve it. This belief greatly affects her view on life and societal values. Even as a youth, she had a certain amount of respect for the criminal element, believing they serve a crucial part in maintaining a balanced society. In her eyes, conflict between opposite parts strengthens the whole, and Kalani always seems to tend toward the side of the underdog.

During the invasion she was transported to Remaica, and eventually became an active part of the Resistance. Even then she was critical of some of the policies maintained by those in charge. During Canard's reign she continued to be outspoken about her opinions, with rather predictable results. She became an outlaw and was forced into hiding, though she continued to write leaflets in support of the Second Resistance. Eventually she joined Jedar's crew, and ended up one of the captured memebers slated for execution before Canard's assassination. Having no where else to go, she followed Jedar back to the Brotherhood, was trialled, and accepted. The transition from mere outlaw to thief was an easy one, and Kalani is perfectly happy in the Brotherhood.

Likes: Balance, metaphors, examining everything, intelligent debate/discussion (not arguments).

Dislikes: Excitable people, disrespect for superiors and/or elders, close-mindedness, complete disreguard for tradition.

"Onipa'a." (Be steadfast)

"Say a prayer of thanks to my teachers. If it weren't for their lessons, you'd be in several pieces right now."

"Why is it that just because I have reached a different conclusion you insist on believing that I have not examined all the paths?"

"Lawe i ka ma'alea a ku'ono'ono." (Acquire skill and make it deep.)

Voice Artist: Pernilla August.


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