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Keen Lightstorm

Name: Keen Lightstorm

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Rank: Blade Brother

Appearance: A short, stocky coal-black Nijhro with orange-red hair, Keen appears to be from mixed descent. He is muscular, with strong thick arms and strong hands, and is built for close hand-to-hand combat... and, more often than not, drunken brawls.

Attire: A green bodysuit with burglary tools on a hip belt.

Weaponry: Although as a Blade Brother, he has his own saber, he doesn't generally carry it. Like some Blade Brothers, he only uses it in duels. For the usual day-to-day (night-to-night?) thieving activities, he prefers to carry a military-style pucklauncher, and a dagger.

Accent: Heavily accented Remaican (American).

Personality: Keen is extremely competitive, and will do anything to prove to someone that he is better than them. He hates to lose at anything. Although he is overconfident and dangerously competitive, he is also fairly capable, and remains uninjured and alive to this day. Keen is not easy to get along with, and that's putting things mildly. He infuriates the females of the Brotherhood in particular, as he feels that women shouldn't be allowed in the Brotherhood at all, and isn't shy about expressing that sentiment! Being of the old-fashioned mindset in that sense, he sees women as being good for only one thing... but, of course, being far from attractive, the sentiment is rarely returned! Keen's most immediately obvious attribute is his ego - he makes Duke look positively humble. He has few friends in the Brotherhood, for obvious reasons, hanging out with the only other people who'll accept him: fellow selfish jerks. Although he is is firmly against having Leila as the leader of the Brotherhood, he is surprisingly not a follower of Falcone. He prefers to tread his own path.

History: Keen joined the Brotherhood at age 15, but has never said why. He worked his way throuh the ranks fairly quickly, ending up a Blade Brother. He hopes to become a Red Circle, and be known as one of the greatest thieves of all time. Unfortunately, his attitude doesn't endear him to the older thieves, and he is quickly reaching the age where he's too old to be apprenticed. He will probably never be happy stuck in the Blade Brother rank, and plans to climb the ranks any way possible.

Likes: Anything that allows him to show off, beer, brawls, and he awaits the monthly Trials eagerly.

Dislikes: Women in the Brotherhood and/or in leadership positions, rank restrictions, anyone who is a higher rank than he, anyone who is a lower rank than he, losing at anything.

"Clear the hallways... perfection comin' through."

"Damn, it's hard to be humble."

"Women ain't got no right to be in charge of anythin' but the laundries!"

Said of him:
(Anon woman 1): slap!
(Anon woman 2): slap!
(Anon woman 3): slap!
(Anon woman 4): wham!


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