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Name: Kel

Sex: Male

Age: 13 (arrives in 2329)

Rank: Junior

Appearance: With the grace and build of a dancer, and the fighting style to match, Kel is rather lanky and slim. He sometimes appears to be all arms and legs, but he carries it very well. He has a messy mop of dark grey hair, weird red eyes, and the palest of pale grey feathers. He's not particularly tall, simply average. His beak is a paler colour than most, more yellowy, another mark of his immediate Skuan heritage.

Attire: Kel usually wears a loose, long sleeved white top that is always falling off one or both shoulders, with a pair of black jeans and black boots. Later on, he wears his saber clipped to the back of his belt.

Weaponry: When he earns it, a saber with a black hilt and white blade; plus he's a bit of a know-all when it comes to explosives.

Accent: Street-wise Ingallish (English) with a definite Rural (Cockney) flair.

Personality: Not a hot-head, but rather a decisive decision-maker, Kel mightn't be the smartest in the Brotherhood but he is a fast learner. He's very interested in moving up the ranks and being the best he can be, an ambitious sort. But he knows exactly where the line is drawn, and only toes it occasionally. A little cheeky, well-travelled, honest, playful, carefree, charming sometimes... He has been known to over-estimate his own maturity, although that will pass as he grows up. Very good at keeping a secret, likes to be helpful. He will be part of a group, but mostly sticks with Dude because there isn't anyone else his own age. Overall, he's very passionate about living and making more of what he's got. Leila, Iliana, Marshall and Duke are keeping a watchful eye on this one.

History: Kel's father was Marshall's oldest brother, Col. Col went off-planet a decade before the Invasion to check the viability of the Brotherhood extending operations, and met his wife Jenny, a Skuan. They returned with Kel. Jenny disappeared, going the same way as her late brother-in-law. During the Invasion, an hour before the Brotherhood were attacked, a small guerilla force left the Headquarters, with Kel tagging along. They were forgotten about, and the thieves who left were counted in the death toll. When they returned, the place was destroyed and deserted. Thinking that they were the only remaining Brotherhood members, they went to Ingal. After succumbing to homesickness a couple of years later, some - including Kel - came back to Remaica, to Keltor, and tried to move into the old shelter that Kel knew about... and got the surprise of their lives (see fic: Brothers In Arms [not done]). Marshall and Iliana adopted Kel, and he later becomes Marshall's apprentice.

Likes: Dude, jewels, challenges, Leila, Duke, most anyone.

Dislikes: Anyone who thinks that he's in love with Dude, boredom, people giving up.

"'Ey? Impossible, ya say? We'll just see about that!"

Voice Artist: Kyle Sturdivant.


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