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Querida Wingfield


Name: Querida "Kerry" Rune Wingfield

Sex: Female

Age: 28 (arrives in 2331)

Rank: None

Appearance: A Mayalan/Nijhro half-caste, Kerry's feathers are an interesting shade of deep tan, and her Nijhro influence is seen in her black fingertips and the black markings over her eyes, giving her the appearance of wearing permanent eyeshadow. Her short black hair curls just under her jaw, and her rich brown eyes are soft and gentle. She's just under average height, and has an almost emaciated figure.

Attire: Her "working clothes" consist of a long white lab coat, a pair of slightly oversized light blue trousers, a gray shirt, and almost sneaker-like white shoes. Off the job, she prefers jeans and overalls, all slightly loose to hide her shockingly thin figure.

Weaponry: None.

Accent: Cheerful, rather quiet Remaican.

Personality: Querida - or Kerry, as she's usually called - is probably one of the sweetest women ever to grace Puckworld with her presence. One of her greatest passions in life is helping others, and as such always has a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. She feels others' pain as her own, and as such has a slight obsession with finding ways to reduce patient discomfort. She has a powerful drive to do her best, always trying to please everyone to the extent that she forgets to take care of herself. Because she's so sweet and kind, all through life her friends have leaned on her - perhaps a bit too heavily - and taken her for granted. The pressure that results from this stresses her out frequently, and yet she still scolds herself for not being able to do more for them. As far back as she can remember, she's always wanted to be a doctor, because of her intense desire to help others. She has an uncanny ability to assess true character at a glance, no matter how many walls have been put up, and she can draw out someone who usually has the personality of a brick. Unfortunately, while all of this is good, she's taken it to the extreme and decided that no one wants to hear about her problems, and that it's selfish to talk about herself when they need her help. Though open and friendly among those she trusts, in unfamiliar situations she sinks into the background and becomes nearly invisible. Coming to the Brotherhood has made her even more quiet and shy, but as she makes more friends she is slowly starting to come out of her shell again. Her hobby and main passion in life (after helping others) is photography, and she's rarely without her camera.

History: Querida had a rather average childhood. She was born to an average family in an average neighborhood and went to an average school. But she was a perfectionist, and her desire to make her parents proud drove her to work harder and longer and take more on herself than anyone would have deemed feasible. In addition her unforgiving perfectionist attitude toward herself, her friends all too often took advantage of her. All of this, combined with her self-imposed taboo against sharing her feelings, became too much for her by high school and drove her to anorexia. It wasn't until she was in medical school that she even started fighting it, and that was really just to make her parents happy, because she never really admitted that she had a problem. She appears to have won the battle, but in reality has just called a cease-fire; she still has to be reminded to eat, and during periods of stress she relapses.

While in med school, she took upon herself the maximum amount of classes allowed, as she was in a hurry to get done with that and start her own practice. She had just set up shop when the Invasion hit. She managed to get out of Sieque, where she'd lived up to this point, and joined the Resistance as a field doctor. The horror of the battlefield made things difficult for her, and she almost had another breakdown, but just before she reached the breaking point her parents were brought in. They were part of a group that had been rescued by the Resistance. This gave her the strength to finish out her time, and after the Invasion they moved to duCaine Metro to start over. Uneasy at the way things started going, however, Querida joined the second Resistance, as well, but as she worked in a different sector from Jedar never met him face to face. During a field run she was captured and put to work in one of Canard's medical labs in Keltor. She hated having to work for a man who committed such atrocities, but she had no choice and therefore did her best possible work, as usual. By her point of view any medical discovery is a help, even if it's for the "enemy." After Canard was assassinated she continued working there.

She was on the verge of a medical breakthrough one night and was determined to stay in the lab until she'd finished working, no matter how long it took. A rather drastic mistake. It was nearly two in the morning when she heard the creaking of the floorboards in the storage room. Knowing that she was supposed to be the last one left in the building, she armed herself as best she could (by grabbing a heavy microscope, as she had no access to gun and probably would have been too afraid to use one anyway) and sneaked into the room, surprising three masked men. They, naturally, attacked her, but she fought back with surprising success, managing to unmask them and get a good look at their faces before getting hit in the back of the the head with a heavy piece of equipment. Keen Lightstorm, who'd been in charge of this heist, had decided that this had been the only way to silence her. He could have just killed her and, by his way of thinking, probably should have, but luckily it didn't occur to him at the time. Instead, he tied her cruelly tight and dragged her back to the Brotherhood, depositing her in Doc Avias's surgery for repair. She'd suffered bruised ribs on the way back, as well as a fairly serious concussion. When she came to she panicked and tried to attack Tarrin (rather understandable), but he gave her a mild sedative and she went back to sleep. He plead her case to Leila and, rather than steal, which Querida refused flatly refused to do, Querida has become his assistant. Though this life is a terrible shock to her, she knows that she has nowhere to go and no way to escape, so she tries to settle down and make the best of it.

Likes: Helping others, being a doctor, her friends, photography.

Dislikes: People who refuse help, being made to talk about herself, being in the spotlight, suffering and, above all else, kidnapping.

"Pain and suffering has been plaguing this world since the beginning of time. I know that. I know I can't change it. But I'd still like to try to help."

"Of course I don't need to eat breakfast. That's what they invented coffee for."

"Who? Me? Oh, fine, fine... But what about you?"

Voice Artist: Paige O'Hara


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