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Koran Lightfinger

Name: Koran Lightfinger

Sex: Male

Age: n - 9 (joins the Brotherhood in 2350)


Appearance: Rather plain; Koran is not particularly striking in any way. He is average in height and build, with black feathers and hair. His eyes are dark brown with a cheerful gleam, and he smiles easily - a cheerful, boyish grin that nearly always inspires a smile in return. His hair is cut short, but his bangs are longer and hang to either side of his face, brushing the corners of his eyes.

Attire: Careless but generally neat; jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of worn black sneakers.

Weaponry: Koran still carries the switchblade he kept 'as insurance' when he was on the street, and experiance has taught him to hold his own in a brawl. Other than that, he's had no real need for weapons. He doesn't care much for guns, probably as a result of his own 'street-code'.

Accent: Cheerful Remaican.

Personality: Koran is in most respects what he appears to be - a good-natured, friendly teenage boy. He's not big on holding grudges, and it couldn't truthfully said that he really dislikes anyone. He may not trust them, but he doesn't dislike them. If asked about this, he will simply shrug his shoulders and explains that life is much easier if you just try to get along with everybody. While it couldn't exactly be said that he's a gossip, he makes it his business to know everything about anything that is going on in the 'hood or out of it. He knows better than to give away anything important, but he's happy to reply to any question he's asked. The mischeif-makers (Flash, Ranger, Bayard, Tasmin) make it a point to stay on good terms with him, since he's a valuable source of information when their parents aren't willing to talk. No one's quite sure how he finds out some of the things he does, but as he's never let anything important slip, nobody seems to think much about it. He's not above a little blackmail to get what he wants, but he's always careful with his target and his reasons when he does so. The root of Koran's nosiness probably has something to do with his belief that knowledge is power, and it is probably this same belief that makes him such a bookworm. He'll read anything he can get his hands on; histories, biographies, romances, newspapers, magazines, anything. He has an excellent memory for facts and might have made a good reporter if he'd chosen a different career path. He keeps a small notebook on him at all times, often jotting down notes or ideas - much to the suspicion of anyone watching, since no one knows what exactly that book contains. It's rumored that he's a bit of a writer, but no one knows how much truth there is behind that statement.

History: Koran's history is rather unremarkable. He grew up on the streets of the Metro, taking odd jobs and stealing to stay fed and sheltered. He never saw anything wrong with this life; it was exciting, and he got along well enough. He has no last name as far as he knows, and took to using 'Lightfinger' among the street kids he hung out with. Koran was working the crowd along a parade route one day, when his actions caught the attention of Rio deJeneiro, who also happened to be in the crowd that day. Rio watched the kid successfully liberate fifteen separate pocketbooks in the space of an hour, and, impressed, she approached him with an offer to join the Brotherhood. Koran shrugged his shoulders, "Sure. Why not?" and was brought in for trial. Not long after he reached the rank of Saber Student, Milantha Lightwing took him on as apprentice, training him to be the next Loremaster.

Likes: Most everyone, books, information.

Dislikes: Guns, vegetables, and not much else.

"I'm a firm believer in survival of the fittest. If you can take it from me, I deserved to lose it. That's the way it works."

Anon: "I could turn you in for this, you know."
Koran: "You could. But I could also tell your pop where you were last week, so I don't think you will."

"Well, I wouldn't really say that we'll ever be best friends, but I don't dislike him. How do I know what he's been through to make him like that? Maybe he has a good excuse for being a bull-headed, antagonistic jerk."

Voice Artist: Steve Buscemi.


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