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Kwame Stormwing


Name: Kwame Stormwing

Sex: Male

Age: n - 9

Birthday: Jennarary 1st, 2336.

Appearance: Very small, unlike his older siblings, with a spindly frame and very, very pale silver feathers. He has a somewhat distant smile which gives the impression of his mind always being elsewere than his body. His hair is short, spiky, and dark blue, never growing very long, and his eyes are pale misted-over lilac. They're also sightless - Kwame is born blind, and has a number of other problems with his system too: recurrant breathing problems and a growth disorder which leaves him small and thin and weak in comparison to other kids his age. He learns to walk alright, if a little unsteadily, but can never run without his legs collapsing on him.

Attire: As he can't see, he has no favorite color preference and neither does he consciously dress fashionably as he has no idea what 'fashionable' looks like, although his mother always helps him in this area. Usually he wears just a plain shirt, trackpants and sneakers, though usually in pale colors which make him look a little less pallid.

Accent: Has a soft voice with an accent that is not quite Ingallish, not quite Thrannian, almost Remaican but not quite that, either...

Personality: Kwame is a very quiet person and doesn't speak much, but when he does he's surprisingly articulate, even waxing mystical on occasion. He learns to read Nokaine Script (the Puckworld version of English Standard Braille, using dots and dashes in a similar alphabet to Morse code) but as there is very little Scripted in the Brotherhood things are usually dictated to him instead. While he strives to be independant the fact remains that he must rely on others for almost everything, although he is not bitter about this at all. He has learned to accept his weaknesses and concentrate instead on his strengths. As he grows older he becomes more acutely sensed toward 'presences' and manages to get around the Lair easily without bumping into anyone or anything. He is extremely sensitive to emotions and instantly picks up the mood of a room and of people he passes by, although he's more sensitive toward feelings of anger as they carry stronger. As a child, he reacts to these moods appropriately, becoming scared or sad at a negative emotion and happy at a positive one. As an adult he uses it like a normal person might read body language. Since being blind means he is unable to take part in the normal 'work' in which BOTB members are employed in, Kwame isn't an active member, although once he becomes old enough that he would normally have to do his bit, he does as much as possible to help wherever he can, fetching books, relaying messages, and other simple jobs. Because he does as much as he can to please and loves to help, he's pretty easily led, which gets him into fixes he's incapable of geting himself out of. In these times, he usually has to rely on his parents or siblings to help him out. Kwame is very, very close to his family, but otherwise he remains a little distant from the other children and adults of the Brotherhood. Too shy to build up romantic relations with any member of the female gender he's likely destined for eternal bachelorship. He gets picked on a bit by some people because of his apparent helplessness and his always being sick, which just makes him withdraw even further. He loves company, of course - but at the same time finds crowds uncomfortable and always does his best to stay away from them, so only company in small doses. Indeed, the only company he readily shares is that of his family.

Likes: His family, thoughtful quiet, helping people, the hope that one day he'll be able to live his own life and not constantly have to rely on others.

Dislikes: People who mock him because he's blind and fragile, crowds, loud noises and rock music (some might say they're one and the same thing).

"Just because I can't see, doesn't mean I can't tell there's something wrong."

Elle: "What's it like, not being able to see?"
Kwame: "I don't know. What's it like to see? Can you describe color?"
Elle: "I... no, no, I can't."
Kwame: "Neither can I. I can't describe what I can not see. I've never seen color. All I see is.. nothing. And I'm not even sure how to describe that. But I can hear, and taste, and feel, and through these senses I live."

Voice Artist: Matthew Broderick.


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