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Lawler Featherstone


Name: Lawler Featherstone

Sex: Male

Age: n - 8

Birthday: Mai 11th, 2335.

Appearance: Lawler looks the cute type much as Shockwave does, with curly red-blond hair, big blue eyes and white feathers. Unfortunately, he's not half as innocent as his father. He's small-framed but taller then most, though not to any extremes. He tries to keep clean, but often has a little grease left on the tips of his fingers.

Attire: Overalls, with a number of different plain coloured shirts underneath, depending on his mood. He doesn't mind getting 'dressed up' as he calls it, when asked for a heist, but the asker is generally disappointed when they find out that 'dressed up' with Lawler just means black gloves.

Weaponry: Wrench, law book, or a nice stout knife. Not particularly in that order.

Accent: Remaican.

Personality: The strong, silent type, Lawler rarely inquires into anything that doesn't concern him. He was the perfect obedient child, but since moving into his own room in the Lair, has sent his parents to despair by speaking only when spoken to on most subjects. He loves his family more than anything else, family including his pet fel Tabitha, who goes everywhere with him, even on 'jobs'. He has long fuse, the end yet to be found. Very closed up, but gentle and kind when you get to know him. Is the owner of an extremely dry sense of humor. He's studied the Brotherhood Law books inside out, and claims to have never broken nor bent a single one, even though he often takes cars (stolen and "borrowed" both) joy-riding for a hobby. No one can figure his disenchantment with every possible partner he meets, mostly because he's looking for a perfect woman who doesn't exist.

Likes: Machines, law books, fantasy novels, music, cars and fels.

Dislikes: Canids, children and company - the three 'C's.

"Tabitha, dear, see that nice big shiny rock? Would you mind crawling under those laser beams to get it for me? Why, thank you, clever girl..."

"Of course I'm not waiting for a female dragonslayer to come along. Every relationship you have with those ends up with someone being eaten."

Said of him:
(Anon) "If you look up anti-social in the dictionary, his picture won't be there, but he'll be credited for living the definition."

Voice Artist: Spike Spencer.


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