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Name: Marshall

Sex: Male

Age: 40

Rank: Honor Blade

Appearance: Very, very light grey feathers-smoky really. Sharp dark blue eyes. Average build, slightly muscular. It seems that he and Canard shared the same hairdresser. Apart from being a shade of grey, Marshall's hair is just like the former ruler. He maintains that it was always that way. Perhaps Canard was the copier?

Attire: Is most often seen in a slightly loose jumpsuit. Coloured indigo, and done up with a metallic belt, it's the belt that the eye is drawn to. It accommodates a variety of tools for thieving, but that isn't it's main feature. The button is slightly larger than normal, and it bears a logo. It's a twisted, complex knotting of colours in a circle. Each colour shimmers differently, depending on your perspective.

Weaponry: A very old saber (the non-energy type) which has been passed down throughout Marshall's family for generations. It's seen the light of day for longer than anyone knows. It's a little rusty from owners more careless than Marshall, but it serves his purposes well. It also bears the curious logo found on his belt. He wears it strapped to his side, attached to his belt.

Accent: A puddle of old Ingallish (English), Caltec (Irish) and Thrainnian (Scottish). But mostly Ingallish.

Personality: Able to take a joke even when played on himself, Marshall is a very amiable sort, a rather cooler head then many found in the Brotherhood. His gentle and kind ways are exploited occasionally, but on the whole he has gained the respect of the whole Brotherhood. Willing to do the dirty work, he has found himself the 'official' chef. While he does have an aggressive side, it only comes out when he faces the law, and even then he is sardonically polite. His family has been in the Brotherhood longer than the records go. He has no last name; there's been none for his family for a long time, and he feels no need to research. The rumours around the Lair are that his family were part of the founding of the Brotherhood Of The Blade, and that he's the 'last prince of the thieves', but there's no proof. He just smiles when asked about his view on the subject. He's never actually denied it. His real name is unknown. He was called "the marshall" once when at a very young age, tried to break up a fight between two older children, and the name stuck like glue (or Nylessa to Jedar, you get the idea).

History: Born into the Brotherhood, like his father's father's father's father's father's etc etc, he has known nothing but the Brotherhood his whole life. Brought up taught the traditions and honour laws, he knows them off by heart. He was apprenticed by his father, according to custom. Having a genetic talent for thieving, he had no trouble with rising up in the ranks. His 'it can wait till tomorrow' attitude somewhat hampered his speed, but he got there in the end.

His family had always been rumored the 'royalty', but, though they had the skill, they never fought for the leadership, preferring to stand back and watch the ducks from the 'outside' battle it out between them. When Duke left the Brotherhood for the Resistance, they still did not step in.

On the Saurians' attack of the Brotherhood Headquarters, the whole family (a few of the Red Circle members) found themselves in the thick of the fighting. They somehow broke free of the main group and attacked the rear of the Hunter Drone advance. They were doing fairly well until a Drone shot down a wall on top of them. Marshall had been standing a little further back from the group, and instead of being killed he was simply stunned. He attempted to dig through the rubble, but was forced away. It was a choice between two instincts-the urge to fight to the death to avenge his family, or the urge to run from death. Seeing a lost-looking junior about to stumble into the line of fire, the decision was made. He grabbed the child and ran after the disappearing backs of Leila and her group. The junior later died, and Marshall has regretted his choice ever since, viewing it as cowardliness.

Likes: Honour, chivalry, children (would like some of his own 'someday', for now he is content with being the father-figure for the Brotherhood 'strays'), cooking, family ties, tradition.

Dislikes: Random killing, people who are quick to judge.

"Yes, sir, this is a saber. And, yes, it is pointed at your neck. Now, I'm sure ye can work out what I'd like ye to do... Thanks very much."

"Please excuse my interruption, but I believe that's my saber stuck there in the wall aside ye. I'm sorry, were ye busy?"

"Don't wish for a better day. Be glad and use the one you're in."

"Until you've found something worth dying for, ye aren't really living."

Voice Artist: Sean Connery


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