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Milantha Lightwing


Name: Milantha Lightwing

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Rank: Junior

Appearance: Milantha's feathers are tan-gold, her hair is thick, blond and falls well below her waist. She has large blue eyes and is quick to smile. No one would ever suspect her for a thief, but she doesn't inspire the thoughts "dumb blonde" either. She has a tattoo of a Puckworld jewel snake that winds around her right ankle, its mouth open as if it were about to strike, and just below where the fangs end are two puncture scars.

Attire: She prefers lightweight leather shoes to boots, and wears a white sleeveless body suit with a jewel snake on the waist, the end of its tail on her right hip, the body wound once around, and the head coming around from her left side ending on her stomach. She also wears a necklace made from the fang of a jewel snake, and a dark blue headband with two small beads or jewels hanging from either side, the Puckworld equivalent of earings. When she's on a night mission she generally trades in her white bodysuit for a darker, long-sleeved version, wears dark gloves and ankle boots, and somehow manages to pile her rather substantial amount of hair under a dark hat or bandanna, hiding most of her light coloring and making her harder to spot in the shadows. When avoiding detection is of the utmost importance, she will smudge her feathers grey and wear dark glasses.

Weaponry: Milantha has made a hobby out of poisons - if you think that's wierd, see History - and while she's never actually used them in lethal doses, the occasional over-arrogant, usually male, tormentor will suddenly fall painfully ill for a couple of days, to varying degrees. Usually the goal is embarrassment rather than actual pain - one unfortunate junior, for example, made a macho crack about blondes and woke up one morning with an ailment astonishingly similar to a hangover; it was assumed he'd been drinking too freely and he wound up with extra monitor duty. Her snake fang necklace is actually hollow and can hold a substantial dose of sedative - or worse - and the ring she wears on her right hand holds a much smaller amount. When more direct methods are necessary, she's handy with a pucklauncher and a sniper's laser, and is learning to hold her own in hand to hand. She carries a hand-held sniper's laser in a holster strapped on her left forearm.

Accent: In-your-face Remaican (American).

Personality: Milantha hates being underestimated because of her looks. She admires Leila and the older women in the Brotherhood for showing that being beautiful doesn't mean that you're harmless, or that you have to use your looks as a weapon. She hates being stereotyped in any way; as a woman, as a feminist, as a blonde, or as a child. She has a sharp tongue and can come off rather harsh at times, especially if responding to any of the above classifications, but Milantha has a deep, unflagging loyalty to those she chooses as friends, fiercely protective of them, almost to a fault. Even when she's not asked, she will go out on any limb to defend or help a friend, and refuses to back off when the limb cracks beneath her. To do any less is to betray those she cares about. Betrayal, in her eyes, is all but unforgivable in anyone, though her definitions vary on what counts as betrayal for her, and what counts as betrayal for others. Milantha appears to be a very confident young woman, but in reality can get very nervous if her work is questioned and takes disapproval from others very seriously, striving to overcome it until long after the point becomes moot.

History: Milantha was bitten by a jewel snake on a family picnic when she was six. The jewel snake is one of the most venomous on Puckworld, and its bite is nearly always fatal. Milantha was lucky, but the pain from the bite was intense and it took her over a year to recover from it. Her father had killed the snake and he made her a necklace out of one of its fangs to remind her she could conquer anything she put her mind to. Including the nightmares that haunted Milantha for years. She began to get interested in medicine, particularly the treatment of poisons, planning to become a toxicologist some day. She also determined to overcome her fear of snakes. She snuck out once and got the tattoo as a way of rebelling against the fear, and turned the jewel snake into her personal symbol. The nightmares still strike, however, when she is particularly tired or worried.

Things didn't work out. Milantha and her parents survived the work camps, but when Canard's regime took over, her parents were killed. Milantha took to the streets with no where else to go, stealing what she needed to survive. Her pretty face caught the attention of Shendar Darkfeather, an Honor Blade ten years older than herself, who brought her into the Brotherhood and apprenticed her, seeing her potential both as a thief - and other things, for later. Milantha went with him for the security and shelter the Brotherhood could provide, and because she really didn't have much other choice. The organization itself intrigued her, as well.

Like every other Junior, Milantha eventually ended up in the Hall of Records for a turn at the much-dreaded library duty. Unlike most, Milantha enjoyed her time in the Hall. She often went on her own, displaying an interest in Brotherhood history that caught the notice of Iliana, the Loremaster. Iliana began to watch Milantha, noting with distaste Shendar's careless approach to her training, disaproving of the way he tailored it to his needs and strengths rather than the girl's, as if she were a tool to be sharpened rather than a thief-in-training. Finally, Iliana challenged Shendar's right to Milantha's apprenticeship. Shendar lost the duel and was dropped back to the rank of Blade Brother. Iliana took up Milantha's training, intending for her to become the next Loremaster.

"Watch who you call a bombshell, pal, I just might blow up in your face!"

"You men never come up with any new lines, do you?"

Voice Artist: Sarah Michelle Geller.


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