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Neko-Galeno Martin

Name: Neko-Galeno Martin

Sex: Female

Age: n - 6 (joins the Brotherhood in 2348)

Birthday: Anasi 18th, 2333.

Appearance: Probably the first thing you notice about her is that she's pink - not featherless, though from a distance it might seem that way, but her actual feather color is a light bright pink. The next striking feature would be her eyes, bright green and clashing with her feathers so they stand out like neon lights. Her hair, in contrast, is a fairly normal, natural brown - until she turns 14, whereupon she gets it bleached permanently white. She keeps it thick and long, tied up in either one or two large ponytails. While her shape is not the common and sought-after hourglass figure (she's well-rounded rather than slim), she is still rather pretty, in an... odd sort of way.

Attire: White. There isn't much else that goes with the rest of her coloring, anyway, except black, but she likes to be different and believes black is too common. Though she will on occasion wear some very, er, unique outfits, her usual 'uniform' is composed of a mini-skirt, tights, a sleeveless shirt with a low neckline, and 'jiffies' (sort of like ballet shoes without the ribbons) -- all in white, of course.

Weaponry: Having a dislike of bladed weapons, Neko's saber (a white one with a shimmering pearlescent blade) is purely for show and she rarely even carries it around with her. Her favorite weapon is of the blunter kind: a retractable white staff with three pink stripes around the center.

Accent: Keltorian Remaican with some Aruthan valley girl influence.

Personality: Neko has two oddly different parts to her personality which nevertheless manage to merge into one another frequently. On one hand she is overconfident, assertive, loud-mouthed and opinionated, believing firmly that losing is something that happens to other people. She likes to be right and hates to be contradicted, especially in front of others, and will fight tooth and nail to protect her pride. Neko forms an opinion of someone at their first meeting and ever afterwards keeps that person catalogued as whatever her first impression may have been, and, as obstinate as she is opinionated, it takes a lot to get her to change her mind. Delighting in gossip and 'girltalk', particularly about guys, she can at times come across as bitchy because she has a habit of repeating what she's heard, often in front of the person in question. She never actually means to hurt anyone's feelings - she just hasn't learned the constructive uses of tact yet. However, Neko is not always a bossy little brat; she can be honestly generous and helpful if she's so inclined. She adores cute things - kittens, bunnies, flowers, little pink hearts (all of which her room is covered with) - and has a soft spot for children. She can be remarkably understanding and thoughtful around them. She is also brave, insanely so at times, enterprising and adventurous, and will stand up for anyone whom she believes is being wronged... often in a very penetrating voice. Her fuse is not so much short as it is nonexistant. Not without fighting skills of her own, Neko has managed to come out victorious in a number of skirmishes with people who tried to pick a fight with her or someone she likes. Really, what she dearly wants to be is a hero, someone who is universally loved, but before she can become one she has a lot to learn about tact, humility, and compromise. Despite this, she is actually rather popular - and if some of her 'friends' are in fact shallow plastic bitches trying to leech from another's popularity, then she probably doesn't realise it. Neko might act brash and wordly, but she's actually very naive. It would crush her completely to know that there are people out there who don't like her.

Likes: Being in charge, people who agree with her, coming first and winning, making a big entrance, blunt weapons, adventure.

Dislikes: Deing shoved to the 'back of the line' in anything, people who don't agree with her, being told to do anything she doesn't want to, her dad when he's being overprotective, blades and sharp edges.

"What do ya mean, am I right? Of course I'm right! I'm always right!"

"Do you have any idea what it's like ta have a father who would happily strangle any guy who, like, looks at me for any longer than three seconds? It just totally frustrates me."

"Ooh, did ya see what you-know-who was wearin' last night? Trashy!"

"What about the bunnies??"

Said of her:
(Alex) [of Neko's room] "Abandon all hope ye who enter."

Voice Artist: Sandra Bullock.


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