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Nevena DuCaine


Name: Nevena duCaine

Sex: Female

Age: n - 8

Birthday: Juli 12th, 2335.

Appearance: Drop dead gorgeous. A sleek, classy, exotic supermodel look that any male with eyes can't help giving a second glance, and often four or five. She has the dark coloring of her mother, jet black hair and chocolate feathers. Her eyes seem deceptively warm, reddy-brown and slightly more tear-drop shaped than normal. Her hair is straight, and would reach to her ankles if she didn't keep the tip tied at the base of her head, making a loop of hair. As it is, the bottom of the loop reaches down to the small of her back. At 14 she has a small, white-winged pack tattooed at the point where her hair touches.

Attire: Nevena generally wears a deep purple bodysuit that sits on her chest with no sleeves, tight enough to show off every curve of her body. She wears tight black leather boots that reach to just below her knees at the front, and halfway down the back of her shin. To top it all off, she wears a dark magenta trenchcoat that touches the ground and flaps around behind her as she walks.

Weaponry: Her way of manipulating people, and two very sharp knives that she keeps strapped to her hips, one on each side.

Accent: High-pitched Remaican. Rises to a shriek when angered.

Personality: Cutting, cold, cunning and careless. Nevena is used to getting her own way, eventually. As a child and a teenager, she only ever looks out for her own interests, using and discarding people as she saw fit. Nevena isn't vain in the usual way, but she is very aware of her beauty and has no problems with using her body and looks to either bring people around to her way of thinking, or just for the sake of flirting. Intelligent, but distinctly missing a sense of compassion, owning a constant sarcastic tone instead. She does have the capacity to love, but people have to prove themselves as loyal and worth her time before she'll even begin to consider it. If there's nothing in it for her, don't expect any help at all. Sort of lazy, Nevena is happy expending more energy talking someone into doing something for her than it would have cost her to just do it in the first place. She is very neat, her living areas in impeccable condition. Single-minded, she repeats something until she has it perfect.

Likes: Control, black, spicy food, Alex, Ranger.

Dislikes: Authority, things and people that get in her way, Rio.

"Alex. Now."

"If life's a game, I call being referee."

"The best things in life are most certainly not free, and I am not going to get stuck with the bill."

Nevena duCaine : Tiffany Grant.

Other: At the age of sixteen, Nevena leaves the Brotherhood along with Alex Roguefeather


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