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Nylessa Drakely


Name: Nylessa Taliesin Drakely

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Rank: Blade Brother

Appearance: Of about medium size, neither short nor tall, Nylessa has a slim hourglass figure with a large bust, small waist, and wide hips - she more or less fits into the stereotypical 'woman's sillhouette'. A Korsain, her feathers are white with a pale peach flush, almost unnoticeably so. Her hair is deep red, and has no definite style as she changes it almost every month - her favorite and most used 'style, however, is shoulder-length, thick and wavy, with a sweeping fringe. Her almond eyes are dark chocolate brown, with long thick lashes and a pair of high-set, thin eyebrows - she uses just a bit of eyeshadow and a hint of eye-liner to emphasize them.

Attire: While Nylessa owns an extensive and elaborate wardrobe, her casual attire is sweet, simple - and short! A plain, no-frills, sleeveless brown dress, a loose black cloth belt hitched with a silvery buckle resting on her hip, and a pair of black leather kneeboots with high-heels. On the job, she wears a dark-green bodysuit with a navy triangle accentuating her bust, her kneeboots, and a black metal belt with a glassy purple orb on the front. She likes looking good, even when just on a heist. However, her wardrobe contains far more than this, with articles of clothing ranging from leather suits to dresses made of a gossamer-like material. But never in pink. She hates pink.

Weaponry: Her bronze saber, which has an old-fashioned look to it - but the two pieces of the guard fold up, then slide down into the hilt, and spring out along with the blade when a certain pressure is applied. The other weapon she uses occasionally is a thin silver dagger, kept on a chain attached to her belt.

Accent: Ingallish (English) with a few twangs of Caltec (Irish) lilt.

Personality: An outrageous flirt, Nylessa sees trifling with mens' feelings almost as a sport where she's the player and they're the equipment. She enjoys being in control of her choice, and takes a slightly cruel delight in disappointing the hopefuls who haven't got a chance. Though she is a more likely to be a mediator than a combatatent in any fight, it can not be said that Nylessa doesn't have a temper. While she's usually calm and smiling - occasionally a little dirty on the humor side - if she finds a comment needling or insulting to either herself or a friend she goes into fury mode and the offending party had better run. She has more good points than it may seem at first: when she's not out to steal boys' hearts or in a raging fury, Nylessa is a kind and big-hearted woman, always ready to help out wherever she can, even if only with moral support. Her sense of honor means she will never break her word; those who trust her and she trusts back could tell her almost anything and she'd never say anything to anyone else. She has a good sense of humor (however full of innuendo it might occasionally be) and can usually take a joke at her own expense, although if it hits home she might get a little huffy. A bit of a romantic at heart, but though she fell and fell hard a long while back, she's determined not to let it spoil her way of life. In a way, she's scared that love means lack of freedom, and her freedom is very important to her.

History: Nylessa Drakely was born to a very well-off family in an area of lower Caine known as the Caltec Flats. Her father had been married before; his previous wife had died, but from that marriage there remained an eight-year-old daughter, Enya, whom Nylessa grew very close to. Enya had a protective attitude about her little sister, and was a little disappointed when Nylessa eventually started at the Flatlands Primary School and found new friends there. One of Lessa's new friends was Chloe Widgeon, a girl about four years older than herself, but despite the gap in the ages they became best friends and the older girl even taught her how to play hockey.

Nylessa's thus far happy and normal life was suddenly shattered when she was nine years old. A year before, her sister Enya had left home and flown to Ingal to study at the best University of Medicine on the planet, and she was coming home for Snow Festival. Mikian and Nlendra Drakely drove to duCaine Metropolis to pick her up from the airport, but the trip was very long so they left Nylessa at home. She didn't mind, and invited Chloe over for the afternoon. But on their way home from the Metro, the Drakelys were clipped by a speeding truck and spun off the road into a powerpole. Lessa's mother died instantly; her father and sister were rushed to hospital but they both died within a few minutes of arriving there. Nylessa was given the news by the family butler, and when the shock wore off she shut herself away in her room, refusing to see even Chloe.

She was sent to live with her mother's sister Hildra Fethersmythe at her large estate just out of Keltor City. Her aunt was older than her mother, a widow, and slightly eccentric. She loved her niece but had little time to spare for a young girl and expected the nine-year-old to act grown-up and mature at all times. Hildra was very big on the 'seen and not heard' rule, and for the most part Nylessa kept to herself. She made no friends at her new school, and though she did all right in her studies her grade was not as stunning as before. Nylessa began to entertain thoughts of running away not five months after coming to live with her aunt; another week later and she made her move, packing up her few belongings into a little case and running away to the city. Most of her ideas were based around holovision shows and movies, and the rather dark reality of Keltor at night that she found was a rather scary blow. She was beginning to regret her somewhat impulsive decision to leave, when a group of shadowy figures came up and began threatening her. She was tripped down into a large open vent and blacked out.

Nylessa woke to find a young woman leaning over her, Leila deSilver, who explained who she was with: a gang called the Destroyers. Leila had recovered some of Nylessa's more irreplaceable possessions - family photos - and later plead her case with the leader of the gang, a rather sharky young man named Joss, who grudgingly allowed her to stay. But she had to earn her keep somehow, so she was taught how to pick pockets and shoplift. She was an enthusiastic student, if only because she knew she'd be beaten should she fail to be anything less than adept. Leila watched over her and became a surrogate big sister to the child.

A couple of years later, though, Leila vanished and the gang was busted. Nylessa managed to escape, being smaller and less noticeable than other members of the 'Destroyers'. This time everything of hers was left behind, and she was totally alone. Still, eleven years old and determined, she pickpocketed her way into money, and left Keltor behind for duCaine Metropolis, the gem of Puckworld - certainly as far as a thief would be concerned. Along the way, though, her amount of carefully accumulated money dried up, and as she tried to steal herself more she was caught by an older man, soundly thrashed, and handed over to a local police station where she passed a frightening night in the cells before the cops noticed her likeness to one Nylessa Drakely, reported missing, presumed dead. They intended to return her to Keltor, and took her to the nearest station. Nylessa played the 'small meek child' act until they stopped watching her every second, whereupon she dashed free and lost herself in the crowd, sneaking on board the train bound for duCaine Metropolis. It was not quite the golden city of opportunity her hopes had led her to believe; indeed, the train station they arrived at was in a particularly scungy part of the town so Nylessa's first impression of the city was not a very good one. She managed to find a dry and empty box on the streets where she bunkered down for the night.

Somehow, even she's not very sure how, she managed to survive on the streets of the Metro alone for three months, before eventually falling into more of "the wrong crowd". This was a group of young kids, though all were older than she was, and most were guys. They had no name for themselves, simply hung around causing trouble, smoking nicotine or marijuana, and occasionally vandalising public places. Nylessa was forced to fit in and didn't enjoy it at all, but the street kids gave her a place to sleep and food in her stomach, so she stayed on, watching for a way out. She found it in the near-myth of the Brotherhood of the Blade, learned from various denizens of the street. There were various ways to contact the Brotherhood, but the best way was to be noticed by their recruiters, so Nylessa, then just a month or two from turning twelve, started planning the biggest heist she'd ever yet dreamed of. It was nothing very major, certainly nothing the Brotherhood itself would have bothered with (she thought) but it was just tricky and daring enough that it might get their attention. Her target was an expensive gold and ruby amulet she'd seen being given from a nondescript figure to a man in rich clothes and his early thirties. She tailed him to a house in the suburbs.

The heist went bad from the beginning. The rich-clothed man went out the next night, as she had expected he would; but just as Nylessa was retrieving the amulet from its place in a cabinet, the car returned. She dove immediately into a small cupboard under the stairs, and was alarmed to hear two sets of voices and footsteps - one was the owner of the house, but the other was younger and seemed to be in control. Even worse, they stood on the stairs and talked for some time, and it was very dusty in the cupboard and Nylessa, finally, couldn't help but sneeze. Immediately the door was flung open and Nylessa was looking into the face of the rich-clothed man, whom she quickly kicked in the beak and scuttled out between his legs. She didn't get very far, though, before she was bodily picked up by the other, younger man. Hanging in the air, she kicked and spat, and yelled the first thing that came to mind: that she was a Brotherhood member and if she wasn't put down right now there would be Trouble!

It turned out to be the right thing to say. Not because he dropped her with a look of fright on his face, but because he burst out laughing and said that she was no member, because not even the newest Junior would be dumb enough to rob the home of a Brotherhood fence.

And that was her initial introduction to the Brotherhood of the Blade. The young man's name was Leon Alvaren, a Saber Student at seventeen years. He got the fence to give Nylessa some soup and a slice of bread with ham, all of which she devoured hungrily, and then, after completing his business took Lessa with him when he left. He seemed to be a nice enough man, so Nylessa followed willingly.

**history unfinished**

Likes: Candlelight dinners, flowers, jewelry, chocolates, and gifts of any sort; emeralds, amethysts, sapphires; cute guys and everything that goes with them.

Dislikes: Seafood, cops, reptiles, and anyone who dares think she's a whore.

"Femme-fatale guideline number eight - men are like lightbulbs; they glow when you turn them on."

"I'll have you know we've just been talking. It happens to every flirt occasionally."

"Really, I'd never have thought such a piece of intellectual brilliance could come from your mind."

Said of her:
(Estelle) "Lessa, you've been trying to give the innocent look since the day you were born, and it hasn't worked once."

(Rio) "She's like the city bus. Everyone knows they can call her fer a free ride."

(Sirius) "Ten pounds of sexy in a five-pound bag."

Voice Artist: Minnie Driver.


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