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Name: Kel duCaine

Sex: Male

Age: n + 12

Rank: Red Circle; Leader.

Appearance: With a slightly above-average height, and the build of a dancer, Kel emits natural grace. His step is light, and his movements have become much more controlled and deliberate with age and experience. His hair is dark steel grey, a floppy mid-length mop against his light grey feathers. His part-Skuan blood shows up in his bright red eyes that are capable of eerily glinting on command, and the faded yellow of his beak.

Attire: Kel can usually be seen wearing a white button-up shirt, a pair of black trousers and black leather shoes. He looks remarkably business-like and efficient. The only thing to distinguish him from a regular manager is the retractable saber clipped onto the back of his belt.

Weaponry: A retractable saber with a black handle and a white blade, with which he is very skilled, especially in speed. He also has a knowledge of explosives not to be reckoned with.

Accent: His formerly Ingallish accent has gradually faded away to the point where it simply adds a precision to his words.

Personality: To most people Kel would seem the calmest member of the Brotherhood, never losing his cool. His family and close friends might think differently, but Kel is certainly very good in a crisis, and a decisive decision-maker. He weighs up the pros and cons of a problem very quickly. Something of an optimistic cynic, Kel sees the world in black and white, and does not believe in anything he can't see or touch. His sense of humor is always ironic, and often black and quirky. Bluntly honest, great with secrets and advice, openly passionate about his likes and dislikes, and a willing helper to those in need, it can be hard to dislike Kel - unless perhaps you're a child of his. While he is a good leader (he loves his job, and works extremely hard) he's often too busy to give his children all the attention and love they might deserve. The duCaines are more dysfunctional than anyone outside the family knows. Beneath his breezy exterior, he secretly blames himself (sometimes rightly) for his children, and for when things go wrong around the Lair - which just causes him to bury himself even more zealously in his work. He can't stand whingeing and whining, brushing those people aside a little more than he should. His respect once lost is hard to earn back, and he makes quick judgements of people. He always plays down his duCaine ancestry, and bristles at any suggestions that Leila chose him to be Leader because of it.

History: Kel's father was Marshall's oldest brother, Col. Col went off-planet a decade before the Invasion to check the viability of the Brotherhood extending operations, and met his wife Jenny, a Skuan. They returned with Kel. Jenny disappeared, going the same way as her late brother-in-law, Chase. During the Invasion, an hour before the Brotherhood were attacked, a small guerilla force left the Headquarters, with Kel tagging along. They were forgotten about, and were counted in the death toll. When they returned, the place was deserted. Thinking that they were the only remaining Brotherhood members, they went to Ingal. After succumbing to homesickness a couple of years later, they came to Keltor, to try to move into the old Brotherhood shelter that Kel knew about... and got the surprise of their lives. Marshall and Iliana adopted Kel, and he became Marshall's apprentice. Kel and Dude became inseparable, and he eventually fell in love with her - but Marshall kept making him wait, while refusing to tell him why. When Poison of the Kabari came to take Dude/Zuzanny back, and Marshall was killed, the whole story of the duCaines came out. He and Zuzanny were married, Leila took Kel on for training as the next leader, and he eventually took over her job. With glee and gusto.

Likes: Being outside, sword fighting, being Leader, and catching people off guard.

Dislikes: Superstition, complainers, trouble-makers, his duCaine heritage.

"I do not believe in demons. I do not believe in evil spirits. I do not believe in haunted necklaces. I do not believe them, Sam I Am, I do not believe in green eggs and ham."

"Welcome to my office, or as I prefer to call it, the torture chamber of a thousand lashes. Can I take your coat?"

"I love Nevena and Diallo dearly. I just don't like them all that much at times. Thalia's wonderful, if all you want is a batch of cookies. Zirally spends her whole life trying to be Diallo. Teague wishes he was Zirally. Neona and I have never once hugged since she turned five. And every time I look at Runako, my chest hurts, because if I wasn't such a terrible father maybe he'd know who I was. And that's why I'm working late tonight."

Said of him:
(Ranger) "We're currently takin' bets as to whether number eight's gonna be along shortly. So far, forty-two say yes, sixty say no, and five includin' myself think that it's high time someone introduced Kel to the idea of birth control."

Voice Artist: Cary Elwes.


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