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Rain Roguefeather


Name: Rain Melorn Roguefeather

Sex: Female

Age: n + 3


Appearance: There's no mistaking that Rain is Slake's child - and not Estelle's. Rain has her father's face, her mother's thick, wavy hair, and her grandfather's slate-grey eyes. Rain is a solid, rusty red-brown from head to toe, her hair being just a shade or two darker than her feathers, and worn long. Fussing with her hair is a habit that Slake and Estelle never manage to break Rain of, and she plays with it while nervous or thinking. As a young adult, she falls to playing with various combs, clips, and other ornaments, though she adamently refuses to cut or color her hair. A tradionalist at heart, Rain tends to avoid extreme changes, but she loves variety, and she has amassed an impressive collection of jewelry, though as a civilian, her pieces tend to be much less impressive than those sported by full-time thieves.

Attire: In her teenage years and into her very early twenties, Rain favors coveralls in various shades of faded. As she grows older, this look is relegated more and more often to the garage and the art studio. Rain gradually begins to favor lighter materials in a wider range of neutral shades and deep colors. She has no particular favorite styles, though she does tend more toward skirts. If she likes it, she wears it. Rain prefers to be barefoot as much as possible, and wears shoes only when absolutely necessary.

Weaponry: Estelle's has instructed Rain in knife and dagger fighting. Rain was willing enough to learn to please her overprotective parents, but once she was deemed proficient enough to protect herself, she showed no desire to continue the lessons. Rain can hold her own against a common mugger in a short fight, but would have a hard time holding out against even many of the lower-ranking BotB members. She carries at least one long knife or short dagger at all times, though usually not in plain sight. Even so, she is admonished not to go out after dark by herself. She constructed a saber once, just to see if she could, but it stays in her quarters.

Accent: Cheerful Remaican.

Personality: Rain's permanent optimisim and cheerfulness are often mistaken for true naivete. It's well known that Slake has taken great pains to shelter his daughter from the hardest parts of BotB life, but even so, experience and life in the Blade have not left her as untouched as most believe. Rain's bright outlook, though a true and natural part of her character, stems as much from choice as from innocence. Like her younger half-sister, Rain loves to do things for others and to see others happy. Rain's tendency to gloss over the negative can be a little frustrating at times, especially for the the more practical-minded around her (such as her old playmate, Zakiya). For the most part, she is happy and open, but she is plagued by feeligns of loneliness and uselessness, and a sense of being thoroughly average.

Born and raised a Blader, Rain has never known anything else and is, for the most part, truly content with her home and family. Her blood mother's family was one long line of born Blades, and though Rain has very little memory of her mother or grandfather, she feels a deeper connection to the Lore and tradition of the pre-war Brotherhood than most. Slake's wholehearted belief in the philosophies of the BotB and the comraderie that should exist between members reinforces these feelings, and Rain does everything she can to fulfill what she perceives to be her duty, to the Blade as a whole and to its members. This includes the conviction that one's past before the Blade doesn't matter, so she tends to take people at face-value, without asking too many awkward questions.

She has an interest in simple mechanics and likes to tinker with machines. This interest doesn't extend to computers, nor does she share Cutter's creative bent for invention; Rain's creative aspirations are largely confined to the canvas. Rain loves to paint, but she doesn't consider herself a true artist. While her portraits are technically well done, there is, she would tell anyone who asked, 'nothing special about them.' In a sense, this is correct. As a professional, Rain would probably be able to make a little money on the side as a local artist, but her work is nothing that would show up in a national gallery. Her subjects are faithfully represented, however, and most are touched and grateful to receive one of her works - and many do, as she has a habit of giving away her finished products.

Rain occasionally jokes to her sister (and no one else) that she is 'beloved by most, but loved by none.' With the spector of her parent's anger lingering over her shoulder, dating Rain is quietly believed to be a no-win situation by most. It is debatable which is more dangerous - breaking her heart, or winning it. Rain is clearly not a candidate for the casual romances that abound in the Blade, though an occasional daring, debonair (so he thinks) soul will risk her parents' ire - only to find that Rain herself is not interested in a casual romance, and even less interested in a one-night stand. Raised on stories of true love, Rain is determined to settle for nothing less - though her first truly broken heart leaves her wondering if such a thing exists for her.

History: Raised by her loving but fiercely protective parents, Rain found herself set apart at an early age, sheltered from a great deal of the banter, roughhousing, and cons going on around her - but also set apart from the comeraderie and friendships that formed in this way. For a time Rain was satisfied with the love of her family, but somewhere in her teenage years, she began seeking friendships elsewhere.

Unfortunately, in relation to those around her, Rain is caught in an awkward in-between age. The adults, the first generation Bladers who have known Rain all her life, find her endearing as a whole, but Rain finds it difficult to be treated as an equal among them. Very few young children survived the raid on the old lair, and many of those who joined afterward were too hardened, too ambitous, or too preoccupied to be interested in cultivating close friendships. The children of her parents' friends were just young enough to view Rain as an adult, and she finds herself left out of that group as well. Sierra sees some of her big sister's loneliness and does what she can, but even her sister's welcome is often not enough to let Rain feel at home among the younger children. Rain has many casual friends, but she is only truly close to Sierra - and, of all people, Ender, with whom she has a big-brother/uncle type relationship.

In a society of people largely isolated by choice, Rain finds herself isolated by circumstance. She has neither interest nor apptitude for thievery, and she has yet to find a place of her own in the Brotherhood. Rain has been raised on tradition, and is determined, like the civilians of the pre-war Blade, to earn her keep, so she takes on odd jobs around the lair. This includes fixing cars, making minor repairs on the Lair's systems that Sparky and Cutter don't have the time for, helping out in the kitchen, showing new people around, and generally pitching in wherever an extra pair of hands would be useful. Rain works very hard to keep herself busy, and when depression or loneliness threaten to overtake her, she tends to retreat to her studio.

Likes: Painting, stories, Ender, her family, making others smile.

Dislikes: Rejection, being left out, feeling useless or having nothing to do, people who pick on her siblings.

(to Sierra) "Plain, ordinary, everyday - that's okay. Plain, ordinary, everyday things are necessary. Just as long as they're useful. It's better to be average and useful than exceptional and useless. But what happens if you're average and useless?"

"Oh, don't worry so much! It's such a beautiful day outside."

"Here, let me help you."

Voice Artist: Samantha Mathis.


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