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Ranger Stormwing


Name: Ranger Damon Stormwing

Sex: Male

Age: n - 5

Birthday: Juli 25th, 2332.

Appearance: Silvery-grey feathers, dark blue hair, bright turquoise eyes and a facial angularity that can only be described as chiseled - at first glance, Ranger doesn't look much like either of his parents, and it's only after close scrutiny that you begin to recognize the family resemblence. His hair is short and scruffy until he turns eight, after which it is worn long, to his shoulders, messy and with a lopsided fringe. Grows from a tall, gangly kid to a tall, well-built adult with a roguish face and a crooked grin. At the age of six he comes off second best against a power drill, which leaves him with a neat round hole in his beak, usually filled with a sapphire stud.

Attire: Around the base and on a heist it's basically the same, shirt and jeans, a black belt with a purple diamond pattern around it, black boots, and his ever-present jacket. It's a fairly expensive piece even though it doesn't look it, light brown leather without buttons. The leather is soft through use and the color is faded, but he doesn't seem to mind; no matter what else he might be wearing, that jacket will be with him.

Weaponry: Vary depending on situation. His saber has a silver hilt and a translucent pearl white blade. After 2357 his fighting style changes dramatically and he redesigns his saber, slimming it down and creating one identical so he can fight with two blades. Also proficient with a bullwhip and handguns.

Accent: Somewhat harsh and slangish Ingallish with a lot of Remaican influence.

Personality: A liar, a thief and a con artist by reputation and job description, Ranger is independent, hedonistic and often promiscuous, enjoying the wild side of life maybe a little too much. He's a character of many contrasting elements: charming but untrustworthy, social but suspicious, ruthless but capable of being genuinely sweet. As well as being an expert in forgery, he's a remarkable actor and can switch from the role of a refined businessman to a homicidal maniac to a pizza delivery boy with a change of clothes. Because he can hide or fake emotions easily, it's difficult to tell when he's being genuine -- and just when you think you know him he does something to shatter that idea completely. Patient but unpredictable, Ranger has a long temper and when he does get angry it's a cold, methodical anger rather than an explosive one. He rarely loses his cool entirely, but when it happens the results are frightening. Full of mischievous innuendo and an overdose of libido, Ranger has a reputation for passionate one-night-stands, and is somewhat indiscriminate when it comes to choice of partners. Independence, freedom of movement and thought, are very important to him, and he rebels against anything that threatens this, up to and including figures of Brotherhood authority. His trust and true friendship are extremely hard to gain but, once you have them, you have them for life. If you can only count yourself an acquaintance, or not even that, then you're fair game for his confidence tricks and mind games. While he doesn't have a heart of gold -- he'd probably have sold it if he did -- Ranger does have a heart, and suffers from moments of spontaneous generosity, compassion, and even heroism that poke big holes in his facade of the aloof, cynical, smartass con man...

Likes: Money, numbers, the few friends he's managed to hang on to, his family (although occasionally it doesn't seem like it), the thrill of his job, pancakes, passionfruit, and photography. He also has a special interest in antiques and archaeology, and collects magazines on these topics.

Dislikes: Authority - or more correctly the responsibility that goes with it, bullies, drug-pushers, Darrell Evenfeather, making mistakes, coffee without a lot of sugar, and coconut (he's violently allergic to it).

"When in doubt, bribe."

"I'm pretty sure I'm headin' for hell when I die, so I figure that, as long as I know where I'm gonna end up, I might as well have fun along the way."

"Hey, I have a heart! Okay, so it's a bit battered, maybe a little dark, stained, and crinkled at the corners, but it's still a heart."

Said of him:
(Bayard) "If ever you need something really insane done, call 0500 RANGER."

(Anon) "He's one of those people you can like or loathe, take your pick."

Voice Artist: Stephen Dorff.

Other: Ranger is one of the few, or perhaps only member of the Brotherhood who has taken advantage of a few loopholes in the Law; he runs his own semi-business from within the Blade, which incorporates a number of different services from general fencing to the organization of smuggling goods and of private threats and hits, but centers mostly around the art of a trickster. The authorities of the Brotherhood were unhappy at his flouting the rules (and at all the money he was earning for it!), but Kel was rather silver-tongued himself. He and Ranger eventually beat out an agreement that sees the blue-haired conman pay a small monthly fee to the Brotherhood in return for room, board and security, on the understanding that he'd better be damned careful or his neck will be in the noose.


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