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Rio DeJeneiro

Name: Rio Sharona deJeneiro

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Rank: Blade Brother

Appearance: Of average height, 5'6" or so, Rio can appear much taller, depending on how high the heels on her shoes are. Full blooded Korsain, she has very light tan, almost white feathers. She's of a slender, fine-boned build, and with her just-past shoulder length brown-blonde-red hair and deep brown eyes looks almost delicate when dressed like a "normal" person. Appearances are very deceiving.

Attire: Rio's got a colorful, highly - er - individualistic sense of style. She likes to dress rather flamboyantly, and somehow she manages to carry off styles that would look inexcusably gaudy on anyone else. She dresses eye-catchingly, yet with at least a facsimile of modesty. Her favorite colors are red and black, and she dresses mostly in those, but her extensive wardrobe is pretty much second only to Nylessa's.

Weaponry: A red and black-blade saber with a tiger-striped handle.

Accent: Tough, street-smart Keltorian (Brooklynite) that often drips sarcasm.

Personality: Tough, sarcastic, volatile. Her ire is dangerous and easily aroused, though she'll let her friends tease her long past the extent she would have killed anyone else for. The thing that makes her most furious in life is any kind of remote suggestion that she's "loose"; any such insinuations put her in a killing fury. Other than her sharp temper, she doesn't really seem to be much for displaying her feelings. Not that she hides them, per se, just for the most part she isn't easily swayed by extremes in emotion. Rio is incredibly sarcastic and probably doesn't have a tactful bone in her body, something that often gets her in quite a load of trouble. While perfectly happy on her own, she forms very strong ties to those she does care about, and could easily decapitate anyone who said a word against them. While she likes to dress to turn heads, she does this not as an invitation; she merely knows she's beautiful and sees no problem with showing it off a bit. Actually, aside from that and occasionally drinking a little wine, she's fairly conservative... for a thief.

History: One of the few things Rio flatly refuses to talk about, except perhaps with someone she trusts completely. She carries herself with the air of one who's always been around the illegal, but it's so hard to tell with her what's show and what isn't. She acts like a little street rat, but occasionally signs of education and culture show through when she's around those she trusts and lets her guard down a little. She approached Jedar not too long after he himself rejoined the Brotherhood, while the Blade was still rebuilding, and in her usual blunt way demanded: "Ya wit' the Brotherhood? 'Cause I hear ye're lookin' fer a few good thieves." She hasn't been apprenticed, but she doesn't seem to mind, saying that if she knows she's good enough, she doesn't care if anyone else does. Self-esteem is not one of her problems.

Likes: Parties, having a good time, her friends, dancing, and her drums.

Dislikes: Those who suggest she's a slut, over-emotional people, dullness, anyone who asks about her past.

"He fell outta the stupid tree an' hit every branch on the way down."

"She's like the city bus. Everyone knows they can call her fer a free ride."

"'ey, ya got a problem?"

Other: A rather talented drummer, her first order of business after getting herself established in the Blade was to steal herself a set of drums and assemble them in her room. Probably the reason none of the rooms near hers are occupied.

Voice Artist: Jennifer Lopez.


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