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Shockwave Featherstone


Name: Shockwave "Sparky" Featherstone

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Rank: Junior

Appearance: Sparky's stick-up, spiky red hair is his flaming trademark, though he sometimes blacks it out with charcoal and dirt. His feather's are white, giving him a pale look. His larger-than-normal brown eyes lend him an air of innocence, even with his tall and skinny frame.

Attire: Generally a simple t-shirt and shorts around the Lair, though when on a mission, he wears a black, short-sleeved bodysuit with a pair of black gloves.

Weaponry: His extremely static hair coupled with a comb his a sure fire way to disarm the normal electric security systems, or at least enough to get them opened. An invention of his, the Ray Gun which shoots off charges of electricity is a close second favourite. Sparky is generally fond of any form of electrical or mechanical weapon, and he has a thing for grappling hooks too (who doesn't?).

Accent: A soft and slow Remaican (Puckworld American).

Personality: Sparky is easily led. He had a child-like mind before the Invasion, and since, this has heightened. He has slight schizophrenic tendencies, with rapid mood changes. He follows orders mostly, but is ultimately ruled by his heart. He is very loyal, and would readily die if he thought it would aide his new family, the Brotherhood. Sparky searches for constant approval from his peers, and is crushed easily. Depression kicks in every so often, and he shuts himself out from the others when it does. Being on the Doc's possible suicide list, he is watched rather closely, but through the support of his friends, he is moving down the list. He's easy to make laugh. He has an inbuilt sense of honour which generally keeps him out of major trouble. His speed, flexibility and natural talent make him a good thief, even though he doesn't really want to be one. He doesn't do things by halves. He's very smart, maybe a little too much for his own good. Basically, he's a very sweet, screwed up child genius. Basically.

History: Born in a normal house, to a normal family, and looking forward to leading a normal life, Shockwave and his parents were captured immediately when the Invasion started. He stuck it out for awhile, but after being separated from his parents, he was determined to escape and join the Resistance. He almost managed to get away by using his hair and comb on the lock, but was caught and put in a cell. In the cell next door was a member of the Brotherhood, Marshall. When Marshall was broken out, he freed Sparky. After setting up a meeting place in a months time, Sparky headed off for the Resistance. When they wouldn't take him because of his age, he met back up with Marshall and joined the Brotherhood. A month before the strike team returned to Puckworld, he disappeared. He reappeared months later, and after a small incident (See fic: To Prove his Worth), was accepted back into the Brotherhood, on the conditions not to leave again.

Likes: Electricity, mechanics, computers, freedom and friendship.

Dislikes: Memories, being asked personal questions, the answers to those questions and cooking.

"Look shallow, run deep. That way you'll always be underestimated."

"Leila, I swear I did not even try to steal your saber!"

"There's more than one way to skin a Saurian."

Voice Artist: Scott Bakula.


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