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Sierra Roguefeather


Name: Sierra Milantha Roguefeather

Sex: Female

Age: n - 4

Birthday: Ocfeath 9th, 2331.

Appearance: Tall for a girl and naturally rather curvy, Sierra doesn't really fit the current standard of feminine beauty, but she's still quite attractive - though you'd never get her to believe that. Her feathers are rusty-colored, her hair a slightly darker brown. Left loose, it falls in soft waves down to her hips, but it's usually braided tightly back to keep it out of her face. Her right eye is chocolate brown, the left emerald green. She doesn't full-on grin very often, except when around her close friends, but when she genuinely smiles she lights up the room.

Attire: Modest, dependable, and practical, Sierra's clothing reflects her personality. Beyond insisting that whatever she wear be comfortable and easy to move in, she has no special preferences, though she does have a certain fondness for purple. On the average day she's covered from throat to ankles in a loose shirt and jeans, which makes her more than stand out from most of the women in the 'Hood! Though she allows Felicity to stuff her in a dress for festivals, she really only does it to humor her best friend, and still insists that, whatever else the outfit is, it not be revealing.

Accent: Remaican that starts out soft but fluctuates when she's emotional.

Personality: Sharp. Her mind, wit, and tongue are all sharper than and as deadly as most people's sabers. She moves briskly, her brain is constantly on overdrive, and anyone who crosses her gets the tongue lashing of their life, giving her a reputation as somewhat of an ice bitch. Nothing could be further from the truth - she has a very nurturing personality and can be endlessly patient (and endlessly stubborn). Once she's decided that someone needs her help, she'll take care of them, whether they want her to or not. She's always been the 'good child' of the Roguefeathers, though that occasionally chafes at her a bit, and she gets along well with her family... except her younger brother Alex. Their relationship is always tense, only becoming more strained as they get older, until by the time he leaves they're in one constant argument. She's very bitter about this, and that makes her somewhat closed off to the idea of men and romantic relationships. She swears she's only "waiting for the right one", and she actually has a very caring, romantic soul - but unless one knows her well, they'd never see it. Her major weak spot is books - she'll read anything that's placed in her hands, from biographies to science fiction, though her secret indulgences are romances and adventure novels.

Likes: Books, taking care of her friends (whether they need it or not), cleaning and organizing.

Dislikes: Dirt, anyone who insults her friends and family, being judged because of what she looks like or how she dresses or acts.

"Sarcasm is just one more service we offer."

"Why is it that because I like to do my job thoroughly, everyone assumes that I'm some dour old woman who stays at home and knits on Friday nights?"

(Sierra) "You know I can only trust you if I know you're telling me the truth."
(Ranger) "But how'll you know I'm tellin' the truth unless you trust me?"
(Sierra) "Well, why would I trust you if I thought you were lying to me?"

Voice Artist: Lauren Graham.


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