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Slake Roguefeather


Name: Slake Roguefeather

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Rank: Honor Blade

Appearance: Rusty brown feathers, matching hair that's shoulder length in the back and long bangs worn swept backwards. Dark, fiery brown eyes and a faint scar running up the right side of his face. Tall and in excellent shape.

Attire: White, long sleeved, wide-collared shirt, black, loose pants and black boots at home, black version of Duke's suit on the job.

Weaponry: Black saber with gold highlights, full set of lockpicks (mechanical and electronic), wrist-mounted grappling hook, night-vision glasses.

Accent: Remaican (Puckworld American).

Personality and History: Slake lived his entire life on the edge. He was wild from the moment he hit the ice, playing hockey like there was no tomorrow and living every moment like it was his last. He started stealing early; he had expensive taste and lacked the means to satisfy it, and there just wasn't that much to do in the the town he lived in, which was too large to be called small and too unsophisticated to be referred to as a city. His hockey team was the terror of the school and the whole town, referred to among the frightened schoolchildren as "The Rogue Flock". Slake was the team's captain, star winger, best thief, and best fighter.

Why they were never caught in such a small town was a wonder to everyone, and Slake's greatest achievement. His small gang wasn't thought to be capable of the magnitude of crimes they sometimes committed, and what petty theft and assault charges they were suspected of couldn't be proven and weren't worth the police's time to pursue.

Finally, a major theft was reported and the Rogue Flock implicated by evidence that couldn't be explained away. Slake was furious. He fought his way free when the Flock was arrested and struck out on his own, determined to find the real culprit. Because, for once, the Rogue Flock was innocent. Slake and his friends had been framed.

Slake did what the police couldn't. He tracked the real thief and confronted him. Impressed, the thief offered Slake a place in the Brotherhood. Slake agreed, but first, he turned himself in and confessed to the crime, swearing the rest of the Flock had nothing to do with it. The police accepted his explanation and released the Flock, figuring that without their leader, the small gang of teenagers would be harmless. Slake promptly escaped and fled to the Brotherhood.

In the Brotherhood, Slake met someone with an ego, a smart mouth, and taste for living on the edge that rivaled his own. After a few confrontations, Slake Roguefeather and Duke l'Orange agreed to be friends, knowing that if they didn't they'd spend the rest of their lives hating each other. Their friendly rivalry brought them both a lot of amusement and a sense of camaraderie. While they generally preferred to work alone, when they teamed up they could clean out an entire city in one night. If they weren't too busy trying to upstage one another, which they usually were.

Slake found something else in the Brotherhood, too--true love. Slake fell in love with the daughter of one of the older members. She wasn't a thief, but she was more than a handful--both for her parents and for Slake. The handsome, dashing young thief found it difficult to win this woman's wild heart. Strong-willed, independent and beautiful, Sienna was Slake's perfect match. After a lot of work and more than a little heartbreak, Slake was able to convince her of that as well. Slake lived for Sienna, and his friends often teased him about being ruled by his woman. Slake merely grinned with a look in his eye that said it was worth every second. Slake and Sienna Roguefeather became a family of three less than two years after their marriage, and there was a betting pool in the Brotherhood on how soon it would be before little Rain Roguefeather had a little brother or sister. Duke once cracked that with all the time Slake behind closed doors, he and Sienna would double the Brotherhood population before their tenth anniversary. Again, Slake merely grinned.

Unfortunately, Rain never got the younger sibling she always wanted. Sienna fell ill and died a year after Rain was born. Slake's live-on-the-edge attitude died with his wife. Heartbroken, he withdrew from everyone. Everyone, but Rain, who is now four. As fiercely devoted to his child as he had been to her mother, she became his only reason for continuing to live at all. Slake took his daughter and fled the old base during the attack. He would have preferred to defend his home, but concern for Rain overrode any sense of attachment to the old bunker.

Slake is now a completely different man. He has very little ambition left, and is perfectly content to stay at his current rank. He prefers to leave the more dangerous missions to others, going out only when his duty requires it. He has no qualms about defying orders, however; his responsibility to his daughter is first and foremost on his priority list, no exceptions. His fighting spirit is not lost, merely reserved for the defense of his daughter and his wife's memory. He seldom smiles anymore, except for his daughter, and his dark eyes are sad. His fiery temper has mellowed, flaring up only in defense of that he holds dear. He doesn't make idle threats. He's as easy-going as ever, but he seldom joins in the banter and teasing that permeate all Brotherhood gatherings. Torn between his loneliness and his love for his child, Slake has a rather unique perspective of life: He wants to live, but he's not afraid to die.

Likes: His daughter Rain, his still good friend Duke, anything that reminds him of Sienna, memories of the good old days.

Dislikes: Anything that threatens his daughter, people who view a man as weak because of love, people who suggest he might fall in love again.

"I understand that she's gone. I'm grateful for the time she gave me, and I know I have to go on living without her. And if you ever say I'll get over it again, I'll carve your heart out and bury it with her. Then you can tell me you understand what I feel."

"Since when do promises have expiration dates?"

Voice Artist: Richard Dean Anderson.


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