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Tam L'Orange

Name: Tam l'Orange

Sex: Male

Age: n - 3

Birthday: Temfeath 8th, 2330.

Appearance: Tam is of average height and is physically solid, muscular in a not-overstated way. His feathers are grey, a little lighter than his sister's, resembling a little more the silvery color of his mother. He has bright blue eyes which say as much as his hands do while signing - his emotions are there to be seen, although he can hide them if he wants to. His hair is the same color as his feathers, medium-light grey, parted at the center and flopping down over either side of his forehead. As his hair is longer at the back, Tam wears it in a short 'tail much like his father does. Well-built and handsome, but his small, knowing smile can drive you to distraction.

Attire: Clothing is something he doesn't fuss too much about. He'll wear a shirt and jeans or slacks casually, and his outfit for heists is a simple black bodysuit, belt and gloves. While in his studio he'll often strip down to his jeans or shorts.

Weaponry: A slim silver saber, although he doesn't use this much. He prefers to carry only the equipment needed for the job, although he can defend himself ably if necessary.

Accent: None - he doesn't speak.

Personality: Tam is the quieter of the l'Orange twins from the start, and for good reason - he was born deaf. Techically he's able to speak, but he prefers to stick to sign language. He's a quiet personality anyhow, though - unlike his rambunctious sister, who runs from one disaster to another, Tam sits back and watches. And as if the loss of one sense strengthened the others, he often seems to see more that most do with his piercing gaze. As he became adept at reading lips, he also picked up on the subtle nuances of body language. Invariably, Tam is able to read the mood of those around him. He's also a very difficult person to lie to. "Difficult" isn't a particularly good word to describe Tam in one sense, though - really, he's one of the most obliging, unobtrusive drakes one could meet. Overly he comes across as very warm and gentle - is passionate under the surface, but only ever lets a little of this peek through in public. It can be seen in his eyes - he has fire in his eyes. While his sister is a flash-burn with little substance to keep the fire going, he's a bed of hot coals, constantly warm and glowing, and ready to surface with the addition of a spark. Despite this passionate side he doesn't have much of a temper, and is certainly never impatient. By nature a loner, Tam spends a lot of his time in his studio on D Level - he practices clay sculpture, and is a master of the avian form. Mostly a slow, methodical worker, but when creating his art in private can become quite worked up and emotional. Despite his disability, he's adept at picking the older-fashioned (non-electronic) locks because of his aptitude towards any activity involving his hands.

Likes: Animals, his art, his family.

Dislikes: Anger, hatred and other violent emotions, indeed violence in any form.


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