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Tarrin Avias

Name: Tarrin "Doc" Avias.

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Rank: Doctor (technically Presaber)

Appearance: An obvious half-caste, Tarrin is rather short and skinny, with a childish face and medium tan feathers. His eyes are overlarge, terra cotta brown, and slightly slanted - showing an immediate Malayan parantage somewhere - and along with a snub beak gives him a very young expression. The word "cute" has been used to describe him. His dark brown hair is short and neatly brushed with a definite parting down the centre and a fringe brushed to either side.

Attire: Generally he wears blue jeans, brown shoes and a very pale grey shirt with blue accents, the emblem of a Brotherhood doctor embroidered in red over the breast pocket - a dragoon curled tightly around an old-fashioned saber. He also wears a pair of light ochre fingerless gloves, and a belt and pouch of the same material.

Weaponry: The most dangerous thing he commonly wields is a scalpel...

Accent: Ingallish (English).

Personality: Tarrin's a very complex character with many hidden depths and secrets. Once a total showy smart-ass with a typical teenager's approach to life, Tarrin changed dramatically in only a couple of years. When around patients he is serious, but not without a sense of humour, understanding and easy to talk to; but unless they are patients or good friends of his, Tarrin will go to all lengths to avoid being in a crowd. Temper-wise, he has a long fuse and is hard to anger, and even when he is angry it's rarely shown. When emotionally hurt, he withdraws rather than retaliates, and hardly talks about what hurt him. He has not, however, lost everything of his past personality; he never passes up the challenge for a bit of verbal banter, and occasionally his old self shows through when he lets his guard down.

History: Tarrin was born into a family in the slum-city of Allegra, consisting of an alcoholic father who constantly abused his mother (whether they were married or not he doesn't know). He was soon to turn three when his uncle Ruskin finally broke the silence and reported the goings on to the Family Welfare, who took Tarrin away from his parents and gave legal guardianship to his uncle. But only a year later Paxton (his father) came by their house - stoned and angry - and attacked Ruskin, giving him multiple wounds to the head before leaving with Tarrin in tow.

However the drunken man ran right into busy traffic and was hit by a truck, killing him instantly. Tarrin escaped, but was later picked up by the police and taken to an orphanage, where he lived for another two years before being adopted by the Avias family out in the suburbs. Now six, Tarrin was a bit of a trouble maker, continuously moving things around and sometimes stealing - mostly stuff out of the fridge. His new parents were tolerant, however the teachers at his school were not; he seemed to spend more time in the corner than he did at his desk.

Counselling was suggested but nothing eventuated because only two days after his seventh birthday the annual Allegran Firestorms came three months early, and many of the unprepared farmers (such as the Avias family) lost their farms, and their lives. Tarrin lost his new family when his parents returned to the burning house to find his baby sister. Once more he was taken to the orphanage but this time he ran away to live on the streets. He met and became friends with a 12 year old boy named Jedar Stormwing, who was part of a smuggling ring in duCaine Metropolis. Jedar took the young Tarrin on as his responsibility, and got him in touch with a scholarly friend of his who made sure Tarrin wasn't missing out on his schooling. He was worked hard but as he says now, it paid off.

He spent four years like this - the longest he'd spent in any one family - but that changed when the smuggling ring's HQ was found out and raided by the police. Jedar and Tarrin escaped mostly unharmed, and took to stealing from the grocers and bakeries in order to gain enough food to live on, yet it was only a couple of months before Jedar had got them both involved in another ring - the Brotherhood of the Blade.

Tarrin's heart had never been into thieving, yet he worked his way up to Presaber. He was a bit of a loose cannon in those first few years in the BOTB and when he was picked to be Doc McWebb's apprentice no one was more surprised than he. Despite not liking the job at first Tarrin's point-of-view was changed on many things - one of which being that there were other ways of finding enjoyment in a job without being an immature smart-ass. It was also during this time when he met up with a Saber Student, Felicity O'Feathershea. (Tarrin doesn't ever talk about this area of his life, but word from reliable sources says he fell madly in love with her at first sight.)

The Saurian Invasion began a new chapter for everyone's lives and ended some. Despite having the roofing fall in on him when the Saurian Drones finally found and destroyed the BOTB HQ, Tarrin survived that attack but was disoriented due to a blow to the head. The following 18 months were mostly a blurr but he remembers being taken in by refugees, kicked out into the snow when the Authority made a Clearance of the warehouses along Crossfire Street, and then being picked up by the new Resistance, led by Jedar and a military man Mayhem Swordbill.

He returned to the Brotherhood soon after, however, or at least what remained of it. Tarrin was one of the first groups to leave duCaine Metropolis for the shelter in Keltor City. Most of his friends had been killed, but among those alive he found Felicity. Yet only days later she and another Brotherhood member, Nylessa, attempted a heist of the Gladislove Emerald on show at the Keltor Natural History Museum. It happened to be on the same night as a team of Enforcers were going to make an historic drug bust on the building next door, and the two were caught in the crossfire. Felicity was shot through the head and killed instantly, but Nylessa escaped with only a few close calls. Tarrin almost had a complete breakdown when the news came to him, but he forced himself to cage away his emotions so that he could continue in his work. He still prefers to hide his feelings rather than show them, and it's hard to believe now that he was ever any different.

Likes: Not much.. or rather, not any thing in particular. He likes his job, he likes helping people, and he likes his friends. It's hard to say what else, because he doesn't get out much.

Dislikes: Of all things, Tarrin hates deliberate killing the most, and all things that are used for killing. As the closest thing the Brotherhood has to a real doctor, he's used to death and although he rarely looses a patient, when he does he can't shake a feeling of guilt. As with what he likes, other than the above there isn't actually much he expresses he doesn't, either. Except perhaps noise.

"Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only sane person in the Brotherhood."

"Now, look, you can either take it in the arm or I'll get you to bend over. Your choice."

Tarrin: "Depends, Keen, how many people did you nearly kill this time? Or did you finally get a taste of your own medicine and need me to patch you up quietly?"
Keen: "I'm never beat, old man."
Tarrin: "And I'm hardly 'old,' I'm only three years older than you are."
Keen: "In age, maybe. In mentality..."
Tarrin: "I'm obviously light-years ahead of you in maturity, is that what you're saying?"

Voice Artist: Alexander Siddig.


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