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Tasmin L'Orange


Name: Tasmin Alexia l'Orange

Sex: Female

Age: n - 3

Birthday: Temfeath 8th, 2330.

Appearance: Physically, she inherited more from her father than her mother. Her eyes are brown, like Duke's, though her hair is more like her mothers - and far curlier too boot. Around the age of twelve she has a sudden growth spurt, and ends up quite tall for a girl; this stays with her, and by the time she stops growing she's almost as tall as Duke, and taller than both her mother and brother. On her, the extra height just comes across as slightly awkward. She's skinny, lacking a little in her mother's curves, and furthermore seemingly devoid of any graceful movement - though she can quite certainly keep a beat to music, and when she sings and moves to the music is one of the few times she doesn't come across as slightly awkward. Her hair is usually unkempt, even during her teenage years where it's shorter than her own brother's hair. In an act of rebellion towards nature's plan, she took it upon herself to cut her hair off at age 12... much to her mother's chagrin.

Attire: Clothing-wise, when she’s not clad in a (sometimes rather grease-stained) pair of coveralls, she can be found to be wearing jeans, singlets, and sweaters - and she has a particular fondness for very baggy mens shirts. She collects t-shirts with bad jokes and dirty logos on them, the kind you see in cheap t-shirt stores in tourist towns... In short, Tasmin is a slob.

Weaponry: Her saber, and her Omnitool.

Accent: Thick, attitude-filled Keltorian.

Personality: Tasmin is the troublemaker of the l'Orange twins, although she never intentionally sets out to make trouble for anyone - and makes a point of using that in her defence whenever she’s faced with the wrath of her mother. She's got an incredible sense of curiosity and and adventurousness, but she's got it to the point where it occasionally overrides things it shouldn't... like common sense. Tasmin doesn't see herself as particularly attractive, but the thought doesn't really bother her - in her usual decisive fashion, she decided femininity is useless to her purpose and therefore doesn't give a damn. From a very young age she sees herself as "one of the boys" and acts accordingly, to the extent of scoffing at Felicity for her "girlyness", as she ironically puts it. Remarks to that effect get her into frequent trouble, as she often gets so caught up in her latest plan that she entirely forgets to consider the feelings of others. Like her father, she has a terrible sense of humor; and like her father she can be egotistical at times - though in her case she's more egotistical about her mental capabilities than her attraction to the opposite gender. And she is indeed intelligent, but she lacks in discipline. In other words, her attention span leaves a lot to be desired. When she's interested in what she's doing she is a brilliant and avid student, but it's all too easy for her mind to start wandering when she decides that a topic isn't fascinating or challenging enough. Computers, along with mathematics and music, are her three greatest interests. Tasmin finds something magical in numbers, and she sees computers as the ultimate application of mathematics - beautifully complex machines which she can easily maneuvere about in and use as a tool. Eventually she gravitates away from computers themselves, and into mechanics; she prefers the hands-on element of it. By age sixteen, she's most frequently found underneath the bonnet of a vehicle. Tasmin is an ideas person, but although she exhibits some leadership qualities, she's obviously not suited for a serious leadership-style role. She's too impatient and intolerant of others, particularly those who can't keep up with her and her ideas, and far too hotheaded, impulsive and irresponsible. But her greatest weakness is her pride - if she makes a mistake she'll defend that error to the point of ridiculousness, because she hates to admit she's wrong. And it'll be a warm day on the Puckworld poles if she ever does so willingly...

Likes: Playing rough with the guys, mathematics, computers, music, mechanics and fixing things.

Dislikes: "Growing up", dresses and dolls and makeup and other "girlish" things, romance.

"I can do anythin' you can do. An' probably do it better."

Voice Artist: Rosie O'Donnell.


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