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Wade Chandelle


Name: Wade Chandelle

Sex: Male

Age: 33

Rank: Honor Blade

Appearance: Brassy-yellow feathered with a thick, scruffy mane of purple hair and electric neon green eyes, Wade has the whole 'vividly contrasting color' thing down fine. A blood cross of Cardakian and Mayalan, though he leans more toward the Cardakian side. He's fairly well built but only of an average sort of height for a guy, though still taller than most of the women around the place. Feature-wise his face is bland but nice enough, and while not astoundingly handsome he has a pleasantly charming grin which brings out the best in them.

Attire: Casually, he never wears anything that doesn't bag, sag, rag, or drag, or that isn't in madly clashing colors. No matter what article of clothing, it always looks as though it's been taken from the Bargains bin - all are either patched, spotted, stained, or otherwise marked, and are always a size or two big. For example: an oversized plum-purple jacket with fraying edges and holes at the elbows, over a faded green shirt torn around the collar and hanging out over his belt, and a pair of red jeans worn through at the knees that sag around black sneakers apparently held together only by sheer force of will. However, on occasion he surprises people by turning up to festivals, etc, in immaculate dinner suits. One may wonder where he keeps them.

Weaponry: His saber, his wits, or anything that comes to hand at the time. Is also an adept at hand-to-hand and knows some basic martial arts.

Accent: Light-hearted Inuvian Remaican (Canadian) with shades of Liana Island Cardakian.

Personality: Wild and occasionally anarchistic, though not against the Brotherhood so much as against the world in general, Wade is a collection of bad habits marinated in a warped sense of humor but wrapped with good intentions. He's somewhat rowdy and boisterous, but balances this by being genuinely well-meaning and aimiable. He loves bright colors and takes every opportunity to send peoples eyes watering with the clashiest combinations, even though the clothes on which those colors are may look as though they've been dredged from the bottom of a paper shredder. He doesn't really mind it - in fact, he quite plainly prefers it. No one knows why, because he looks a lot better in neater clothing; perhaps it's just his statement to the fashion side of the Brotherhood that bad-dressed doesn't always mean bad-natured. Though he's fairly outrageous as it is, he becomes almost impossible to deal with when out on a heist - he gets more impatient, more impulsive, more likely to get sidetracked from his original job by something (or someone) that catches his eye. At the base, he's less impossible and more just challenging to work with. He has an eye for the ladies at even the worst of times, and he throws occasionally twisted jokes about at inopportune moments, possibly on purpose. Wade also has what might be considered an unhealthy obsession with gambling - if someone wants something from him, for example, likely he'll flip a coin to check whether he should say yes or no. Of course, even if the other loses, he might just decide to go along anyway. Basically, he's a nice but unpredictable fellow.

History: Wade Chandelle was born in Onatage, Inuvis, and had a reasonably normal childhood, though plagued by his tendancy to get in trouble. His career, if left up to him at the time, could have been anything from stuntman to circus performer, so long as it involved a fair amount of danger; this made his parents very nervous, but in any case his father had other plans. Athan Chandelle was a captain of the local police force, and he wanted Wade to follow in his footsteps. Wade was not overly thrilled by his range of choices, or rather the lack thereof, but there was little he could do about it and straight after he finished school he was enrolled into the Inuvian Police Academy, and later into the local 'force. They were perhaps the roughest band of cops one might find - not quite of the later Enforcer standard, but almost. The sight of a copcar in Onatage sent every lawbreaker and a good deal of innocents into hiding. And since Wade was a copper as well, he got unfriendly looks from everyone, even though he'd never done anything.

At the age of 22, having spent not quite two years in the force, Wade went rogue. He learnt of a possible threat to a golden idol in the local museum, one of the prides of the city, quite by accident while off duty. The heist was scheduled for the following night. Even then, he liked taking risks, so instead of informing the rest of his unit about the planned theft, he devised his own plan to stop the thieves. The next night, an hour before the heist had been planned, he slipped in past the security (knowing all the codes already) and stole the idol himself. He left behind a contact number. At not quite four in the morning he received a call from someone who named herself as a member of the Brotherhood. She congratulated him on taking the idol, but explained that if he didn't give it over to them they'd take it by force. An offer was proposed, a date for the exchange given. Wade had originally intended to alert the police and send them running to the spot, but the addictive thrill of the heist had got to him and he went alone. The offer was not money; it was to join the Brotherhood.

Naturally there was much suspicion - he'd been a cop, after all. But the fact that he didn't deny this or try to keep anything secret meant he stayed alive until his allegience to the BOTB was considered proven, and he was no longer suspect. Though his skills were of a slightly less than moderate level at the time, he was placed in Saber Student for his age and had to work extra hard to catch up with everyone else. His hard study caught the eye of an older drake, Marche duVronice, who brought him up to Honor Blade by the time Wade was 26. He might have even gone on to Red Circle, but was more content to sit at his current rank than to keep moving up. Unfortunately, duVronice was killed not a year after his pupil attained Honor Blade, shot by the cops on a heist that went badly wrong. Wade has never really forgiven himself for that, since he was the one who'd planned the job.

When the Invasion struck Wade was lucky enough to escape the Brotherhood's destruction, but he was later caught and thrown into a prison mine, where he slaved for six weeks before a Resistance attack on the mines freed some of the slaves, himself included. After that, he took to being a bit of a lone thorn in the Saurian Empire's collective hide, occasionally teaming up with a Resistance group to do some damage before heading off into the dark again. Later, after the Saurian occupation was ended, he heard tell that the Brotherhood had regrouped and was now based in Keltor, so he happily returned to the life he enjoyed.

Likes: Being a 'fashion reject', gambling on anything and everything, taking chances and running risks, people (at least those he calls friends), festivals, freedom.

Dislikes: Anyone from the Government, cops and Enforcers, bullies, rules and laws that benefit no one but those who make them, those who make rules and laws that benefit only them, tight enclosed spaces, lack of freedom.

"The only really bad thing about parties is when you go out to breakfast the next morning and someone says, in this pained kinda voice, 'Did you HAVE to do that?'.. and you've got nooo idea what they're talking about."

"I'm not yelling like a lunatic. I'm yelling like a perfectly sane, reasonable, pissed off avian being."

Anon: "Why you always dress like a bum?"
Wade: "Don't knock what you can't afford, kid."

Voice Artist: Callum Keith Rennie


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