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Once you step out of the well-hidden entryway in the large stockroom, Jedar leads you out into the narrow hallway that leads to the kitchen, bathrooms, and the tavern itself. The hall opens into a large, sweeping arch that reveals an amber-lit tavern, all polished wood and soft leather seats, with several late drinkers occupying the booths and tables scattered around the spacious room. The long, curved bar sits devoid of patrons for the moment, and several locked liquor cabinets sit behind it, with what look to be fairly elaborate electronic locks on them. The duck behind the bar grins as she catches your puzzled expression.

"It's a problem for the ages. How d'you keep the Juniors out of the alcohol when you're teaching 'em how to pick every lock in sight?" The woman grins and swipes her tangled black hair out of her eyes. "So far, seems like retina scans are doin' okay. Hey Jedar!"

You feel your eyebrows raise a bit, and Jedar chuckles. "It's a bit draconian, but what else can you do? Frankly, I doubt anyone here much cares if some Junior has a couple shots before they're 18, but if we don't keep the stuff locked up, some people would never bother paying for their drinks ... and the Brotherhood isn't so flush with cash that we can simply start having an open bar 24/7."

"S'bad for productivity, so I've heard." The woman agrees as you and Jedar take seats at the bar. "I'm Leila, by the way ... although, I think you might'a known that already. You look familiar. Been lotsa people coming back lately, I gotta say."

"The tavern was Marshall's idea. " Jedar adds, leaning against the counter casually. "Since we've started acquiring a few friends in high places, it's a good place to conduct business, and the traffic from customers helps mask our comings and goings, especially late at night. We'd rather the police raid the tavern and the upstairs if it comes to it - better that than them poking around this place and discovering the lower levels. "

Leila nods and pours you each a drink. "On the house. Since you're here, you might as well have some fun, eh? Welcome to Nighthawkes!"

Animation Cels and Production Art

Walk cycles for Nosedive, Duke, Tanya and Grin; animation sketches and cels of Wildwing, Duke, Tanya, Nosedive, Mallory, Dragaunus, Baby, and a rival hockey goalie, and reference sheets for Grin and Nosedive of expressions, profiles, battle gear, and hockey gear.


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The Brotherhood Lair has been visited by thousands of cutthroats and criminal types since 15th July 1998. Seems about time the Puckworld police forces started worrying...

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