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The room you enter seems to have been expanded since you last remember seeing it, with a dozen workstations scattered about the area in groups of four. A large server room and office sits at one end, with a transparisteel wall and a solid looking door to separate it from the computer lab. The door sits open at the moment, and Jedar ignores the array of mostly unused computers to walk into the office, with you trailing after him. "Hey, Cutter!"

The office itself is a cluttered mess compared to the lab area outside, with a server rack against one wall, a desk stretching nearly the length of the room, and a handful of monitors and keyboards arrayed messily across the desktop and its shelves. You notice several monitors on the upper shelf with split-displays that seem to be showing video feeds from various corners of the Lair: the stairwells, the common areas, a few places you don't recognize, and the entryway you just used. Several comfortable looking wheeled chairs sit in front of the desk, and seated in one of them is a chocolate brown drake with black, slicked back hair. He's dressed in black, and he turns to look at you both with piercing blue eyes as Jedar calls his name.

"Sorry to be short earlier, I was a bit busy." Cutter runs a hand through his hair distractedly, but gives you a charming smile. "Ah, welcome. I thought you might find your way down here sooner or later. Most people do, especially if they're been gone as long as you've been. If you'd like, I can log you into a computer out there and let you take a look at our roster."

"Some of the names and faces might be familiar; some might not." Jedar adds, dropping comfortably into one of the empty chairs. "And you might find a few old friends gone. Not everyone survived the Invasion, and not everyone that did has returned yet. If you'd like to poke around before I show you the rest of the place, I'll just sit here and annoy Cutter while you're reading."

Cutter gives him a look before rising from his chair. "Most of the data I've got here is from the security cams, or something Sparky's insisted on adding. Why the kid wants to save an old cartoon show from 1996 is beyond me, but it's not like it does us any harm, so I let him set it up. For more detailed bios on people, you'd be better off asking the Doc. He needs detailed records on our members; we just need voice and facial recognition for security purposes."

You nod, and the hacker tips his head towards the lab area. "Let's get you set up, shall we?"


Welcome | What's New? | The Mainframe | The Hall of Archives | The Infirmary | The Lounge | The Office

The Brotherhood Lair has been visited by thousands of cutthroats and criminal types since 15th July 1998. Seems about time the Puckworld police forces started worrying...

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