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So the question everybody asks is: Was there ever going to be a season 2? The answer is, kinda. David Wise, the lead writer for the series, knew perfectly well there was never going to be a season 2 for the series, but due to the production schedule, the writers did end up kicking around plots and such for a season 2 (knowing perfectly well they were never going to be used). If I can find the original email from David Wise in my piles of ducky stuff, I'll post it here, but the gist of it was, Dragaunus was essentially defeated in season one, so they came up with a new villian for the ducks to fight against - a teenage kid who fell into a "brain boost" machine and was now causing mayhem for the ducks, along with his teenage sister Brittany (who was apparently still smarter than he was, boosted IQ and all). Tanya was also going to be given a super-hot makeover. (Because we all know Disney loathed plus-sized action girls and left her out of like 90% of the merchandise because well... she wasn't traditionally "sexy" like Mallory. And even Mallory got left off a lot of merchandising attempts, because the marketers knew this was a BOYS show. And little boys would never buy a girl action figure. Sigh.)

So, yes, technically there were "plans" for a season 2. Be glad they never actually did anything with them, because it sounds sorta like what happened to Gargoyles in Season 3... it would have pretty much been the season we wouldn't acknowledge. - Poisonfeatherquill

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